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Converting Calls During COVID-19 - Featured Image

Let’s face it: Two-thirds of Americans didn’t see a dentist regularly even before COVID-19.

Now more callers than ever have questions about safety protocols, treatment costs, and payment options - especially if they lost their dental insurance benefits during the past few months.

Please print and share this with your call-handling team to learn:

  • What’s driving most calls
  • How to answer when asked “How much will it be?”
  • The best way to respond to, “Is it safe to come in?”
  • Effective phrasing for out-of-network insurance questions
  • Ways to win over nervous callers
  • Additional resources to help your team

Patient Prism analyzed more than 150,000 dental practice phone calls between May 1 to June 8. We hope these free tips and trends will help your team convert more calls and rebuild your revenue.


Turn More Calls Into Booked Appointments

More callers than ever have questions about safety protocols, treatment costs, and scheduling. Patient Prism identifies the new patient calls that don’t end in a booked appointment and teaches your team what to say to call back - and win back - those missed opportunities. And we do all that in about 30 minutes.

Turn More Callers Into Patients

Discover how to increase your new patient revenue.


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