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August 2023

"If there is anything resounding that we have learned at Patient Prism, it is that reaching back out to offer help results in 25% or higher conversion of new patients," says Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism.

In Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 302, hosted by Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak,  Amol Nirgudkar explains the WHY behind the Patient Prism AI platform. 


You have a second chance to capture the high-value patients you want.

What stands out as the top thing we've learned from the AI platform's analysis of over 20 million dental phone calls? You have a real opportunity to reach back out and try to help a caller before that prospective new patient calls another dental office.

"The significance of Patient Prism is that it is the first healthcare company that can provide the reason a patient didn’t book within 45 seconds after the patient hangs up the phone,” says Nirgudkar.

The AI software delivers an alert that includes a narrative DeepLens call summary, including why the patient called, why the patient didn’t book, what was communicated well, and what could have been communicated that was not.

“The call analysis arrives on their cell phones and Apple watches within 45 seconds," says Nirgudkar. "So, now, before the patient calls the next dental office, you have an opportunity to recover them.”

It’s a matter of calling back and saying, “We want to help you have the dentistry you want. When you called earlier and you asked about the cost, we gave you an estimate, but we forgot to give you information about the financing we have available from multiple lenders. We can do a credit check swiftly and find out if you can pay off the credit in affordable monthly payments.”

You have a second chance at bat.

"Basically, you have a second chance to help the patient have the care they want. It’s a second time at bat,” says Dr. Peter Boulden. “We always talk about at-bats, and this second at-bat is for the patient’s benefit. You care enough to call back, and it is very authentic.”

In healthcare, we tend to avoid the word "sales" says Nirgudkar. But we’re not pushing a commodity over the phone.

"We are assisting the patient in moving forward on their journey to better health. And that’s why I wake up every morning. We’re here to help dentists serve patients better and move more patients toward improved oral health.”

We're not pushing dental appointments on patients. We're facilitators. We're helping them have the oral health care they need and want.

Patient Prism helps dentists serve patients better and meet their mission of moving more patients toward improved oral health.

When you easily know what to do on a callback and are prompted to do it, magic happens. New patients feel that you authentically care and want you to be their healthcare provider.

—Amol Nirgudkar, Co-founder & CEO of Patient Prism.

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Patient Prism is designed to deliver actionable intelligence and be easy to use. Learn more by reading these 2023 Patient Prism articles:

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