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Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism, endorses Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) and recommends the DEO to dental practice owners and executives who want to scale their business to the next level. Here’s why.

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Magic happens at DEO Summit Meetings and within its Member Mastermind Groups. Participants learn from each other and mentoring coaches who have achieved success in growing group practices and scaling dental service organizations (DSOs). Since 2009, DEO members have scaled faster, achieved their vision, and outpaced expected profitability by learning, sharing, and encouraging each other within a community of like-minded group practice owners and dental business executives.

You are learning from others so you can avoid their mistakes and successfully respond to challenges faster. For every problem, there are multiple solutions. And at every stage of scaling, there are multiple paths you can take. DEO coaches and industry experts present their failures and successes so you can learn from them. Within the small group Mastermind discussions, members share problems and consider ways to solve them. You will learn guiding principles for your growing business, as well as be inspired by a range of strategies other successful dentist entrepreneurs have used. When alternative success paths are known, you can consider how each might fit your vision for your business and the situation you are in. Ultimately, you will choose the path that is most appropriate for you.


Group mentorship is amazing.

The DEO’s tagline is “Succeeding Together.” Within a growing network of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Members benefit from genuine mentorship, coaching and camaraderie. There is true passion behind everything DEO leaders do. They absolutely want to help you achieve your vision and write your success story.

From my own experience with the DEO, energy and encouragement are benefits you’ll immediately receive. With interaction over a few months, your knowledge will grow, and implementable strategies will come into clear focus. You can expect to be introduced to a wide array of incredible dentist entrepreneurs in dentistry and their executives who are all growing dental groups. These are folks that are driven by core values, have high integrity, and are becoming leaders in the industry. As Jake Puhl says, it takes a village to grow a group, and through the DEO network, you will be introduced to the best service providers in every part of your business.

One of the first things you will discover is more about yourself and what you want to achieve. Why do you want to grow a group? What is your vision and what are your core values? How do you show up as a leader? How well do you communicate? What internal obstacles are holding you back? Out of self-awareness will come personal determination to become the best leader you can be.

You’ll also learn ways to finance your business… hire people… develop an intentional culture… develop your business platform… improve operational systems so you can more efficiently scale… increase stability across locations… who to advise you with legal matters, mergers and acquisitions, and eventual sale. The list goes on and on.


Learn more about DEO.

A first step to learn more about the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization is to visit its website and read its blog. Many dentists and dental executives first connect with the DEO via one of its public events. Its DEO Summits are well known in our industry. You may click here to see upcoming public events.

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