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May 2022--There is nothing more frustrating for potential patients than to go to your website and not be able to find the information they need to decide whether to choose your dental practice over another one.

Unfortunately, some dental practices pay tens of thousands of dollars for a website that might look pretty, but does not include the information that is most important to the people who need your services.

Here are seven steps your team can take immediately to improve your website and drive more new patient calls.


1. Place your office contact information in the top right corner of every page

While most dental practices include a phone number, many don’t include their address or a link to Get Directions at the top of the page. This is vital information! Don’t make people scroll way down to find out whether your office is close to where they live or work.

Another best practice: use a tracking phone number on your website. There is a simple piece of code that you can place everywhere that your main office number is listed on your website. The tracking phone number allows you to see how many phone calls are generated from website visitors.


2. Add a special offer to your home page

Do you have fee-for-service patients? Adding a special offer for people who don’t have insurance is a great way to attract new patients – and chances are good that your competitors are already doing this. You may want to include special pricing on the new patient exam and x-rays, or a discount on high-value service such as dental implants or Invisalign® treatment. Some states have specific rules about advertising discounted rates, so check your dental board’s regulations for guidance.


3. Showcase good reviews from real patients

Many practices send out emails or text messages to patients after their appointments inviting them to write a brief review. Add a few of your recent five-star reviews to your website. If you’re going to include patient names, confirm they have given you written permission so you’re HIPAA-compliant.


4. Include a welcome video on your home page

Many local video companies will create a short welcome video for your practice for about $1,000. You can include a tracking phone number on this as well, share it on YouTube, and see how many new patient calls come in as a result. You can also shoot video testimonials from patients to use on specific service pages, such as an implant patient testimonial.


5. Highlight your doctors

People like to know the education and experience of their dentists. Whether you add a professional headshot and bio of each doctor, or go for a more informal look and include pictures of the doctors with their families, the information helps people get to know your team.


6. Create specific landing pages for Google ad campaigns

This is a big one that many dental offices skip. If you’re paying money on online advertising for your dental office, make sure you are sending people who click on the ads to a landing page that gives them the information related to the ad they clicked. For example, if the ad is for teeth whitening, then the landing page should be a page on teeth whitening.


7. Add links to your Facebook page and other social sharing sites

Make it easy for people to like and share content on their social media pages. Your website company or in-house developer should be able to add social sharing icons to every page of your website. While Facebook is one of the most popular sites, many of your patients will also use Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn to share information.

Of course, once you’re driving more calls from your website to your dental practice, you’ll want to make sure your team is trained to convert those calls into new patient appointments. Check out our guide for some best practices.

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