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Beth Gaddis

Beth Gaddis

Leading a Dental Support Organization Through a Pandemic

It took 10 years for Rodeo Dental in Texas to grow to 30 practices. It had established itself as one...

How to Grow Your DSO Quickly: Lessons Learned from DECA Dental

Dental entrepreneurs seeking to scale up their dental practice or group are paying attention to DECA...

10 Tips for Dentists to Reduce Stress and Increase Case Acceptance

Stress levels are sky-high right now. Your team is stressed. Your patients are stressed. That can be...

Leading Dentistry into Prosperity: A Conversation with Smile Brands CEO Steve Bilt

As COVID-19 case numbers began to spike again across large portions of the United States, Patient Pr...

How to Properly Adjust to COVID-19 at Your Dental Practice

Until there’s a vaccine, the possibility of contacting COVID-19 remains a risk for everybody. Alread...

Smile Brands: A COVID-19 Comeback Strategy

There’s no playbook for a pandemic. Every single dental practice and DSO had to figure out what to d...

Dental Patient Financing Trends During COVID-19

Ask any patient why they’re not ready to move forward with treatment, and they’ll likely tell you it...

COVID-19 Viewpoints from Dental Hygiene Industry Leaders

Things got a bit hot between some dentists and hygienists as practices prepared to reopen for genera...

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