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June 2019--Christina Villarreal is the Patient Experience Manager at Dental Associates, a family-owned practice with more than a dozen practices in Wisconsin. Christina shared how her team felt when Patient Prism was first introduced, and how they feel now.


Introducing Patient Prism to Our Receptionists

When we started using Patient Prism, the receptionists in our dental practices were a little nervous at first. They weren’t used to having their calls recorded and reviewed by AI software and call coaches. They were feeling out of their comfort zone. They needed encouragement and for leadership to clearly communicate the Why behind using it.

We did a training demonstration and launched into recording the calls. There was a period during which receptionists were nervously self-conscious, but with encouragement and time, this passed swiftly, within a couple days. The Patient Prism platform produced call reviews and feedback within an hour of calls, so we were able to pass on feedback rapidly and that allowed receptionists to understand the Why within the first day.

By having their calls reviewed by Patient Prism and receiving feedback from Patient Prism’s expert call coaches, they soon learned how to improve the conversations they were having with potential new patients and how to increase their booking success. They were motivated to track improvements in their call success.

We were using Patient Prism to help them develop as great phone conversationalists who could most appropriately guide callers to get the help they desired. They were being given the feedback and tools they needed to be their best. 


Providing the Best Patient Experience

Being able to do the right thing at the right moment in the right way is the definition of excellence. Patient Prism enabled our dental receptions to learn and practice what they learned so they could say the best thing at the best moment to best serve the callers. I believe Patient Prism has enabled Dental Associates to welcome in new patients in a way that is differentiating from other dental practices. 


Imagine the Enlightenment of Hearing Yourself

At Dental Associates, we place priority on giving patients the absolute best experience possible. When receptionists heard their own recorded voices and the words they were using, it was enlightening to them. 

They heard:

  • Their search for clarity around what the caller was hoping to learn, 
  • The speed at which they were interacting, 
  • The seconds when they weren’t sure what to say, 
  • Instances when they inadvertently shut the caller down,
  • Their lack of knowing what to say to pick up the conversation and get around empty seconds with a forward momentum, and
  • Those fantastic moments when they really connected with the caller and felt rapport. 

Before Patient Prism they didn’t realize how long it felt to be on hold. They didn’t realize what dead air really sounds like or what the patient is thinking and saying when they are on hold for three minutes waiting for someone to pick up. 


What Patient Prism Has Meant to Our Receptionists

We share Patient Prism stats that are tracked with our receptionists. They see the data for trends in patient requests and their personal success rate at booking patients increasing month over month. They have a measure of their value to the entire team and business and see their value increasing. The challenge, learning, and excitement of success spurs them on.

Our receptionists are thankful they have the information they need to make a call back when a call is missed or the caller on hold hangs up. They are thankful for Patient Prism coaching that helps them make those call backs. They’ve learned it is easy to make those outgoing calls and re-engage lost opportunities.

While many team members like being able to listen to the original call, others may not have time. That’s why Patient Prism’s patented system displays the information visually, highlighting the areas where the receptionist or call center agent performed well, and the areas where the call could have been handled differently. This shortens the time each receptionist spends on learning from their calls.


How I Describe Patient Prism to Others

Patient Prism is a call-tracking and call-coaching system that analyzes every new patient phone call. It provides rapid feedback, including coaching tips from top industry leaders, to help the team members improve their call-handling skills. It even provides specific phrasing the team members can use to call back the potential patients, impress them with their customer service, and book them during the follow-up call.

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