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Dentists who want their team members and their patients to feel safe can become a COVID-19 antigen and/or antibody testing site via Floss Bar, a mobile dentistry company founded by Eva Sadej, that provides on-site dental services to companies.


When the pandemic shut down most workplaces, Floss Bar diversified to become one of the first providers of on-site antigen and antibody testing for corporations. Then, we further diversified to partner with dental practices that wanted to provide this service for their own teams and patients.


What COVID-19 Testing Can Be Done in Dental Practices?

COVID-19 testing must be done under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor. Each dental team member who will be doing the testing is trained by Floss Bar to work for our licensed physician group as a COVID-19 Testing Technician.

The dental practice has a choice of test supplies to purchase through Floss Bar. There are 60 different possible vendors, and Floss Bar monitors the vendors’ supply levels every day so our experts can give dental offices real time data on availability.

Antigen Tests

There are two types of nose swab tests for active infection. One is Fed Ex delivered to a lab with digital results returning in 48 hours. The other type of nose swab test is processed at the point of testing. In this case, the patient receives results within 15 to 30 minutes. This latter type of test is less expensive, in high demand, and back ordered.

Antibody Tests

There are two types of antibody tests for prior infection that also will test positive for late-stage infection. The first one is a blood draw with the specimen Fed Ex shipped to a lab and digital results returning withing 48 hours. Blood draws require special licensing, so most dental practices are using the second type of test. This second type is a finger prick blood test for which results are processed at the point of testing and available within 15-30 minutes.

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Why Become a Testing Site in Your Dental Practice?

Providing COVID-19 testing in your dental office allows you to test your employees, as well as provide this service to your patients. When you do this, patients feel you are a safe venue for dental care. You are providing them with a needed service to get the test results they need to go back to work or school, decide to quarantine and converse with a physician, or make other COVID-19 related decisions such as travel.

When you are a provider of this service, trust in you and your team increases, your team members feel safer, and there is a profitable fee you earn from this testing.

Because dental practices don’t want everyone in the community coming in for testing, our marketing templates are designed to communicate to your patients that this is a private service for your patients.


Becoming a Testing Site in Your Dental Practice

Everything is done digitally except for the actual testing performed at your COVID-19 Testing Station by your Floss Bar trained COVID-19 Testing Technician.

  1. To learn more and get started, reach out to Floss Bar at www.flossbar.com. You will receive a call from one of our salespeople for a sales consultation.
  2. The next step is to sign a proposed agreement and pay a fee to set you up as a testing station. This set up includes a digital portal for booking patients, digital training of your staff, shipment of all your selected test supplies, marketing templates for communicating about the service with your patients, supply ordering advice, and ongoing support.
  3. You can market the service to your patients through digital communication, a sign in your office, and information sheets.
  4. You will purchase testing supplies from Floss Bar’s online catalog that is updated real time for availability. You can also order CDC required PPE through this catalog.
  5. Your patients will book testing appointments made available through the digital portal. Your marketing will provide the URL information patients need to find the portal. Floss Bar will take upfront payment for the lab test, file the insurance claim for the patient, and reimburse you $35 for testing the patient.
  6. Your trained technician(s) will collect the specimens and process them at your collection station or send the specimens to the lab, depending on the type of test, while patients wait offside for results to be delivered digitally. Collecting and handling each specimen takes about 10 minutes of the technician’s time.
  7. Patients who test positive will be offered a telemedicine appointment with one our licensed physicians.

What Patients Do

Human contact with you only occurs at the point of testing for less than ten minutes.

  1. The patient books an asynchronous or synchronous telehealth appointment through your supplied patient portal. One of our medical physicians reviews the patient supplied information and digitally provides the patient with the prescription for testing. There is a fee charged for a synchronous telehealth appointment, but an asynchronous appointment is free of charge.
  2. The patient then books the testing appointment at your testing station and pays online for the test. The patient pays $110 for an antibody test, $160 for an antigen test, and $200 for a combination of the two. Insurance covers most of these but the patient prepays, and then Floss Bar submits the claim on behalf of the patient for reimbursement.
  3. The patient will come to your office for the test at the appointed time and then leave your office. Results will be digitally delivered. If the test is positive, a synchronous telehealth appointment will be offered so the patient can talk with one of our physicians.

Our consulting team will help you do the following at top compliance and quality:

  • Evaluate and order tests - antibody and/or antigen.
  • Maintain PPE supply levels.
  • Train your staff.
  • Manage insurance and flow of funds.
  • Earn $35/specimen collected, every 10 minutes.

I am grateful to Amol Nirgudkar for helping me get the word out to dentists about Floss Bar’s COVID-19 Testing Setup for Dental Practices. We’ve made it easy. To request a conversation with one of our salespeople to learn more and get started, I invite you to visit www.flossbar.com

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Additional Resources

There will be a huge need for dentistry once people can resume normal activities. More people than ever will have questions about safety, affordable treatment options, and what’s covered by their insurance plans post-COVID. Visit www.patientprism.com/product-overview/ to find out how we can help your team convert more callers into booked appointments. For more interviews with experts, training resources, and guides, visit Complimentary Resources For Dental Practice Growth (patientprism.com) and Academy.PatientPrism.com

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