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Raising your Dental Support Organization (DSO) to the next level may mean bringing on new executive employees. Recruitment expert Jon Fidler says there are three key factors to look at when evaluating candidates.  


When it comes to taking your DSO to the next level, getting an executive that is the right person with the right vision, the right attitudes, and the right leadership qualities is crucial.  Here are three questions to consider.


Is the candidate like-minded?

First, we recommend looking for a candidate that is like-minded. It’s important to note that “like-minded” doesn’t mean “same.” An effective executive shouldn’t be exactly like you. That would be boring, redundant, and not fill the need for greater leadership from someone with additional skills, other experiences, and new ideas. You’re looking for someone who is like-minded but also brings something to the table that will help the organization flourish.


Is the candidate a potential collaborative partner who will respect you as the owner?

The ideal executive will provide new ideas and bring people together to collectively make better business decisions. Chief level (C-level) candidates are exceptionally educated and often just as opinionated. That’s a good thing but the end goal in bringing on an executive is to bring in new ideas and perspectives from someone who will participate in the kind of collaboration that will help your business grow. 

Receiving differing opinions can be challenging, so it’s important to do an ego-check on the candidate, and this is where communication is critical. While it’s imperative for you to consider alternatives in order to grow, it’s also necessary for the prospective executive to understand that all final decisions remain with you, the owner. This should be communicated up-front clearly.  


Will the candidate empower others?

Finally, an effective executive is a leader that cultivates staff to grow into what you want the organization to be. The executive should be able to empower the people around them. Best leaders invest time in the people they lead to learn their strengths, needs, and priorities to make them feel understood and valued. With this understanding, they can drive their team forward with passion for the why things are being done the way they are and, from time to time, strategically changing. 

Fidler and Associates is an executive search and advisory firm that helps DSOs connect with executive candidates, screens candidates for the key qualities needed for the executive position, and helps DSO owners evaluate the best candidates to find the best fit. Do you know the interview questions that get to the answers you need? Do you know what signs to look for as candidates respond to those questions? This is just one aspect of recruiting that a firm like Fidler and Associates can help you with.

You will find more videos featuring Jon Fidler in the Multi-Practice Growth series within this Patient Prism blog.

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