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Investing in Marketing should not be blind. You can test various types of marketing media, messages, and offers to see which of your marketing campaigns are successful, which should be modified and tested again, and oftentimes, which are no longer worth investment.


If you have data that indicates the number of callers and quality of calls coming in from each of your advertising campaigns, you can get a handle on which marketing strategies are working for you. This is one of the functions of Patient Prism software.

The other primary function of Patient Prism software is developing phone communication skills and messaging to convert calls that come in from your advertising into booked patients.

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Patient Prism Tracks Calls Associated with Advertised Phone Numbers

A unique phone number can be associated with each of your marketing campaigns. These phone numbers relay to your Front Desk or Call Center, where Patient Prism software automatically tracks the campaign that motivated the phone call and records the call, finding keywords and phrases that indicate the services requested on the phone, and revenue opportunity of the call based on your UCR schedule.


Reports and Training on Demand

With Patient Prism, you know where to invest your marketing dollars based on results. With reports on demand for any period, Patient Prism tells you how many new patients are finding you, the services they requested on the phone, and the revenue opportunity represented by each call.

You can now:

  • Confidently measure the results of your advertising on different media, for example, pay per click ads, billboards, direct mail, local radio, and so on.
  • Assess the quality of the patients responding to your ads. Are your ads reaching your target audience? If not, modify your message and measure if the modified message is attracting your target market, for example, patients seeking expert implant treatment.
  • Measure the results of offering different limited-time, lower fees or add-on services, for example, $200 off a crown, $500 off Invisalign treatment, or a free take-home, teeth-whitening kit on top of your already competitively priced new patient exam.

Plus, Patient Prism provides fast coaching for any new patient phone call that doesn't end in a booked appointment and text alerts via phone and email for any missed or lost high revenue opportunity. Now, your team can call back and win back that patient. Patient Prism call coaches even provide notes and training videos to learn how to optimize callback calls.


Maximize Your Return on Marketing by Lowering Your Per Patient Cost of Acquisition

Our data from over 900 locations across the nation indicates that if you have 100 new patient calls coming in this month, with 50 of these making appointments, and now call back the other 50 within one hour, you can win back 25% or more of the 50 you call back. By increasing your new patient bookings by 12 this month without an increase in advertising, you are lowering the cost of per patient acquisition.

With coached feedback on calls, next month, your incoming calls may convert at a 65% rate instead of 50% and in subsequent months at 80% conversion. In addition, your callback calls will be come more effective too, with practice, reaching 30% conversion. Now if you receive 100 leads, convert 80 of them, and call back the other 20, you can get your call conversion rate of to 87%. Compare this to a few months prior when your conversion rate was 50% or 60% at its best.

You will have maximized your return on investment (ROI) because your team will have the training it needs to convert more of those marketing leads into booked appointments.

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