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More than 5.5 million people have lost their health insurance during the first few months of the coronavirus, and that has more people than ever concerned about the cost of dental care.

Dental membership plans provide an excellent solution. Michael Shuman, Executive Vice President of Membersy, says dental membership plans bridge the gap between patients with insurance and patients with no insurance. Their data shows dentists get 2x the return in production from patients with Membersy compared to non-insured patients.


In this conversation with Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar, Shuman explains how discount dental plans improve call conversion, improve the appointment show rate, and improve case acceptance.


How Discount Dental Plans Overcome Cost Concerns

Traditionally, non-insured patients only go to the dentist when they have a specific need, said Shuman. That’s because they have no idea what their treatment is going to cost.

In this video, he explains that by enrolling them in a discount dental membership plan, the patient enjoys several benefits including:

  • Transparency into pricing
  • Free annual comprehensive exam and x-rays
  • Savings on dental procedures
  • No limitations on services
  • No waiting periods
  • No restrictions on plan usage


“When they sign up for an annual membership, they’re going to be incentivized to use it,” said Shuman. “People always want to utilize something that they’ve already paid for. And then they’re getting savings on their treatment, so that that incentivizes them to move forward with treatment.”


Dental Membership Plan Benefits for Dentists and DSOs

During this time when so many people have lost their jobs and benefits, dental membership plans help attract and retain patients by providing affordable care.

When a new patient calls and asks about cost, it gives the receptionist the opportunity to mention the practice has its own in-house dental savings plan that helps people just like them be able to fit the cost of the dental care they need into their budget. By addressing their concerns about cost, the dental practice increases its scheduling rate, show rate, and treatment acceptance rate.

Groups often like having the ability to create a unique brand for their dental membership plan through Membersy, especially if they have multiple practices operating under different office names.

They also like receiving all the marketing materials to display in their practices to promote the program.

Membersy also sets up all the patient membership plan billing including setting up the auto renewals and notifications. That helps with patient retention in the dental practice.

There’s another benefit that many dentists don’t even realize: dental membership plans are highly regulated in many states. Membersy is a discount medical plan operator (DMPO) and handles all of the regulatory requirements on behalf of their provider partners.

For more information, visit www.Membersy.com.


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