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As aspiring DSO owners watch the success of other DSOs, you may want to look at we did at DecisionOne Dental Partners to give back to our greater Chicago community. We’ve found we are not just providing noticeable community service. We are increasing our team engagement around this higher cause.


Community service is an integral part of DecisionOne Dental’s identity. We are an organization based on community dental practices that are building relationships within the community. If our mission were not what it is, we would be just another dental office. And that mission is to change the way dentistry is being done in order to open access to dental care and improve the lives of more patients, while at the same time enabling our dentists and their teams to have enjoyable work lives and time for their personal lives. We hope our DSO model is successful enough for other entrepreneurial dentists to be similarly motivated to give back to their communities with generous time.


Each of Our DSO Locations Participates in Community Service

DecisionOne Dental added its 25th dental office in August of 2018, and each dental office is committed to spending time and energy to help the community in different ways. The entire DSO (all our teams) have partner twice a year in one very special way. We partner with Clearbrook, an organization in Illinois that cares for mentally and physically challenged adults, to provide pro bono dentistry. It’s a cause that is very close to their hearts, especially since their government funding has decreased.  


Team Engagement Grows

When we’re providing dentistry for Clearbrook, they always say how thankful they are. And, I always say how appreciative we are, too. It’s an amazing atmosphere of appreciation and feeling alive with purpose. Helping others with our time and energy is something that engages all teams who come to help. The giving spirit is beautiful, and I will take that any day. 

Team members are happy being part of something that’s bigger than themselves, and it’s inspiring. We do it because it is something we really care about. As we grow, the momentum continues. We give back to the troops every year with Halloween candy and other things we bring, and we have food drives. 

The amazing thing about DSOs is the amount of dentistry they are providing to people that cannot afford it. The types of free dentistry that DSOs are doing is truly amazing. Doing good is visible and helping us grow. Other dentists want to join our network because of our mission, and dental professionals want to work for our dentists. They feel purposeful. It’s good for everyone involved. 


More Resources for Multi-Practice Growth and Scaling DSOs

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You will find additional motivating videos featuring experts in scaling DSOs in our Patient Prism blog. Click here to access our numerous “Multi-Practice Growth” videos and their associated blog articles.

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