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September 2023

Dr. Mary Pham’s pediatric dentistry and orthodontics group – Lollipop Dental, has seven locations in California and began using Patient Prism in February of 2022. By striving to be the best they can be, following Patient Prism protocols, and celebrating their constantly monitored success, Lollipop Dental has achieved stellar results.


Between February 2022 and September 2023, Lollipop’s seven locations and its call center have consistently answered 89% of incoming calls live. They have converted 97% of these calls. By taking every opportunity to optimize their capacity, new pediatric dental and orthodontic patients are waiting no more than 11 days to be seen.

Why Dr. Mary Pham Chose Patient Prism

At the July 2023 Dykema DSO Conference, Dr. Mary Pham, CEO of Lollipop Dental, reported that Patient Prism has made it possible for their front desk teams to become consistently exceptional.

“Prior to Patient Prism, I had a consulting group that was supposed to be listening to our calls and coaching our team on how to really be a great customer service representative," said Pham. "I realized there was no way to measure how well they were really doing in producing the results of a new patient appointment. So, when I came across Patient Prism, I just loved the idea of being able to use technology to not only train the teams but do it so quickly. That part of Patient Prism is my favorite. We're able to not only train effectively but also efficiently.”

Dr. Pham’s teams get rapid feedback from Patient Prism. In less than a minute, now, any call that fails to convert is summarized and the tone of voice, results, and challenges are documented. “You then can challenge your team to follow up on that patient that didn't book,” said Pham.

Aspiring to Be Exceptional Pays Off

“I realized that Lollipop Dental is not average and that we had to be the best. And so, we utilized the platform to really make ourselves exceptional in what it is that we do, and I love the ease of it, and I love how it's continuously innovating, and I don't have to hire one person to track how my team is doing. They can see how they're doing by just logging in every single day.”

Call follow-ups haves led to out-of-the-ballpark results. In 2023, 100% of all “new patient” calls that went to voicemail or hesitated to make an appointment were called back. In total, 56% of them were reached and booked an appointment -- but, among those who were reached 81% were converted during the follow-up call.

That 81% conversion rate on connected callbacks is amazing! It's a true indicator that Lollipop's call reception and scheduling teams excel at pleasing families by giving them access to the care they need.


Patient Prism Training Is Part of Customer Service Training

Dr. Pham noted a bonus to Lollipop Dental: “We have a customer success manager who trains not only our call center team but also our in-office teams. So, she's now part of our training process. When we onboard a new hire, we go through Patient Prism customer service training, which is incredible.”

“I just loved the idea of being able to use technology to not only train the teams but do it so quickly.” − Mary Pham, DDS

CTA 2023


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