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Women in DSO®, also known as WinDSO, is a new organization, created to empower women in all positions in the DSO space and to grow future women leaders in the industry.  At the recent Dykema DSO conference (July 2021), Patient Prism’s CEO, Amol Nirgudkar, talked with WinDSO’s founder and president, Dr. Aman Kaur, about the objectives of the organization and its plans for the foreseeable future.


Where did inspiration for Women in DSO come from?

Dr. Aman Kaur is the CEO of a Midwest-based DSO.  She has worked with multiple DSOs over her career in various executive roles and helped emerging dental organizations with their growth strategies.

“The idea came to me because I have seen so many women doing the lion’s share of work in a lot of DSOs. They’re loved. They’re appreciated, but somehow, they are under-represented in the turnout to DSO conferences like this one [Dykema],” says Kaur.

Dr. Kaur wanted to highlight the contributions of the 85% of DSO employees, who are women, and so she pulled together a board of like-minded leaders in dentistry to create a lot of energy and momentum behind the project. “We want to make this a platform to promote and assist those women. We want to help advance women to C-suite-level and to board-level positions and beyond,” says Kaur.


Developing a national internship program

For an internship program, “we are actually incorporating and getting support from a lot of national-level organizations like Henry Schein, Patterson, Align, SmileDirectClub, and a lot of large DSO partners, e.g., Heartland and Aspen Dental,” says Kaur. There will be a committee dedicated to reviewing applicants and structuring a mentoring program to help women elevate themselves in their roles to further the organizations they are in.


Plans for March 2022 inaugural event  

The inaugural meeting of Women in DSO will be March 9-11, 2022, at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. This will be an open event—not for members-only. Author Tara Mohr’s organization is helping put together content for the event. Mohr is the author of the book "Playing Big: Find your voice, your vision, and make things happen" and an executive coach to women in Hollywood and across the country. A theme for the event will be to not just “think big” but “play big,” says Kaur.

A members-only event is being planned for Orlando or Chicago in October 2021. “That will be for the founding members and pre-inaugural members only. But the one in March is open to everyone, to see what Women in DSO have done in their first year. I think the biggest draw and exciting thing we are going to do there is announcing our first two Dental Women of the Year Award winners. We want organizations to nominate their employees because they know how much they're doing. And it's peer-to-peer nominations. Overjet is partnering with Women in DSO to contribute to $20,000 in awards. And we are planning to put together a good committee to use very transparent selection criteria. I hope to see some hygienists nominated for those awards. It will be amazing.”

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Membership in WinDSO 

“As far as members go, if you are in dentistry, in professional leadership, you want more out of yourself, you want more out of your life, and you want to further your career, join Women in DSO,” says Kaur. Women in DSO wants to engage women leaders to mentor and be an inspiration for future women leaders, build a strong network of women leaders for now and the future, and continually elevate the standard of care and service across the DSO Industry. Women in DSO also wants to engage DSO groups as members and to engage corporate industry partners. Several industry partners are already on the WinDSO website, where you will also find details about the benefits of membership.

“It's tremendously exciting and I am wholeheartedly in support of the path that you're going to lay for so many people to be inspired in this industry,” says Nirgudkar. “Our team at Patient Prism is delighted to do whatever they can do to get this message out to as many people as possible.”


Patient Prism video blogs featuring women in DSOs:

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