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August 2021--The DSO industry has embraced the need for good data and good analytics to grow their businesses. At the recent Dykema DSO conference (July 2021), Patient Prism’s CEO, Amol Nirgudkar, and Melissa Marquez, Chief Operating Officer of Jarvis Analytics, talked about the ways in which Jarvis Analytics is built to meet the needs of multi-location dental practices. 


Jarvis Analytics is a software company that develops comprehensive business analytics tools to help dental practitioners and their teams use data to diagnose problems, strengthen decision-making, and improve business performance. 

DSOs choose Jarvis for a variety of reasons depending on their size and where they are on their growth journey. “Many times, an emerging or a newly formed group will start utilizing Jarvis because they're not sure exactly what to measure,” says Marquez. “They need a baseline, and they want to understand the KPIs other DSOs are measuring.”

Because Jarvis does custom development for DSOs, “I think many DSOs gravitate to Jarvis,” says Marquez. “I think every DSO feels unique in many different ways, and they love that they can define their metrics their way…Jarvis built its platform for DSOs and using the feedback of DSOs. As the software has grown and been enhanced, it continues to be this ongoing alteration of what's relevant in dentistry.” 

Normalizing data (or “standardizing” data) from diverse practice management systems have become highly relevant. “Not every DSO has the luxury of immediately transforming everything into one PMS, although it's ideal,” says Nirgudkar. “There are other dental data analytics platforms, but they are not made for DSOs.” 

Jarvis is flexible, customizable, and enables multi-dimensional analysis in real-time. Executives and managers at DSOs and private multi-location dental groups need to easily look at and report data on the enterprise level and at each practice location. This is a real distinguisher. 


Jarvis integration enables you to see and understand your enterprise data

One of the big, fatiguing frustrations in DSOs and private dental offices is the number of software programs team members must go in and out of every day. Another big, fatiguing frustration is the inability to aggregate and analyze, in one place, the abundant data gathered from all their software products across all DSO locations. Jarvis products remove these frustrations.

Jarvis is made up of 15 different modules. “You can have some uniqueness and customization,” says Marquez. Based on what other DSOs have done, the software you use, and understanding the various roles within your DSO, Jarvis recommends the modules you need. It all starts with a conversation with Jarvis about your needs. Jarvis asks the right questions to guide you in your choices and design your unique integration plan. The goal is to give you one integrated platform that allows you to see data delivered to it from multiple software products—and designed in such a way that you can easily pull the metrics and insights you need to take practical action at the enterprise and individual practice level.


Agility remains a primary goal of Jarvis Analytics

In May 2021, Henry Schein One acquired the majority interest in Jarvis Analytics. Being part of a larger organization has taken Jarvis to more rapid growth and continued to foster the agility that Jarvis is known for in partnering with DSOs. “They champion the product and have made clear to us as a team that they want us to continue doing what has set us apart,” says Marquez. “It’s partnering with DSOs, listening to their feedback, and then quickly customizing the product for them so they have what they are looking for.”


Jarvis aims to grow integration with companies like Patient Prism

Jarvis Analytics aims to integrate with companies like Patient Prism that already are masters at what they do. “Instead of us inventing that ourselves and trying to compete, why not just partner up with the best in the business? More and more of those integrations are where we're headed,” says Marquez.

“I’ve been a big fan of Jarvis,” says Nirgudkar. “Steve Maroulis, your founder, has been a great influence on me and my organization. Dental practices need and want one platform they can use to see their data and actionable insights from multiple software platforms. Patient Prism is working to make its integration with Jarvis Analytics even more robust, and we’re grateful for the association and super excited about the integration.”

Already, Jarvis Online Scheduling is integrated with multiple practice management systems, for example:

  • Dentrix
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Dentrix Enterprise
  • Eaglesoft 
  • Open Dental
  • Denticon/Planet DDS
  • AbelDent
  • PowerPractice
  • Tracker
  • Cloud 9


“We just wrapped up Cloud 9. We're going to be looking at more Ortho practice management systems to integrate with those as well,” says Marquez. 

“Henry Schein One has a lot of great software technology that will be integrated,” says Marquez. And Jarvis integration with SAGE, Great Plains, and the Cloud version of Quickbooks accounting software continues to be a high priority on Jarvis’s integration list


Two examples of what excites DSO managers

Revenue Cycle Management-- Jarvis Analytics has a full revenue cycle management (RCM) module that integrates with Henry Schein One products so DSO management can see all the claims filed in each of their locations. You can see all the adjustments that are taking place. 

“Adjustments can be a big pain point for DSOs because different practice management systems allow different levels of team members to do those write-offs,” says Marquez. “They may be making a lot of fee schedule adjustments that indicate the need to update the fee schedule in your practice management system, or they may be making courtesy adjustments they shouldn’t be making. You can get control over that without a lot of effort.”

Practice Potential Scenarios-- Jarvis has a product for DSOs and private dental practices that looks at four areas of the practice—patient retention, hygiene care, unscheduled treatment, and collections, to show you data in real-time for any period. You will be able to do scenario analyses. For example, if you want to look at the last six months’ numbers to see what your revenue would have been if the results had been 10% higher, you’ll be able to do that. You’ll be able to interact with the data and see where you have the biggest opportunity for improvement. Knowing, for example, that 10% higher case acceptance in unscheduled treatment will significantly bump up revenue, you are going to target that.

“It will drive more action,” says Nirgudkar. “As they see the dial move, they’ll be able to say, ‘I'm going to see my margins are better. I’m going to see my same-store growth is higher.’”


At the end of the day, Jarvis optimizes analytics for DSOs and multi-location dental practices

Software integration operationalizes efficiency, reduces employee stress, and frees time for more effective patient conversion. In the case of Jarvis, it also optimizes analytics so DSOs can make intelligent decisions with ease and confidence, fast.

“There are a lot of systems out there,” says Nirgudkar. “But they make you log out of one location and go into another location. It's just not efficient. What I like about Jarvis is the ease of use and quick access to enterprise data any way you want to splice it. It’s exciting to learn from and be partnering with Jarvis on Patient Prism integration.”


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