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Here you'll find hundreds of articles and video interviews with dental industry experts on the topics of DSO and practice growth, dental software, call-tracking technology, patient experience and artificial intelligence fueling the dental industries ability to treat more patients and change lives.

Part 4 of my presentation, at the March 2022 ADSO Summit Meeting on artificial intelligence, reviews numerous types of AI platforms available in dentistry today. This blog discusses how these AI products can be used to improve patient acquisition and multiple other aspects of the dental patient’s journey.



AI in patient acquisition

In the area of patient acquisition, Google is leading in AI-enhanced advertising, and Patient Prism is the AI-powered dental call tracking, alerting, and coaching company. My company, Patient Prism, is the only one delivering robust micro-metrics. We’ve figured out how to increase call conversions. 


AI in clinical care

Computer Vision AI platforms like Pearl, Overjet, and Denti.AI, are improving clinical care. These platforms provide precision and efficiency for diagnosis, treatment planning, patient comfort and decision making, lab fabrication, and treatment. I think every DSO should have a computer vision platform. DentalMonitoring provides AI technology for monitoring ortho treatment remotely. OrthoFX is one of the companies changing how ortho is practiced and driving up case acceptance due to the convenience of remote monitoring.



Zentist’s AI is doing a great job in RCM automation. Revenue cycle management platforms should become part of DSO workflow so the AI can perform claims validation. You've got to standardize and normalize your EOBs so that all the information from all exchanges is in the same format. Zentist uses machine learning and robotic process automation that is scalable. Leveraging AI frees up significant time when an RCM team can go from 50% to 20% claims denial.


Potential for AI propensity modeling

Soon there will be AI software to assess all data DSOs are collecting in their data warehouses and to do propensity modeling. For example, AI propensity modeling will be able to figure out which patients will behave the way you hope and what you need to do to increase that propensity. And AI will be able to predict "Who" needs to act and "What" they need to do to increase the percentage of patients:

  • Reactivating
  • Showing up for their appointments
  • Accepting treatment
  • Paying on time

Propensity modeling of your data will predict your patient growth and demand for specific services so you can make intelligent business decisions. Patent Prism is already providing micrometrics that are helping DSOs do propensity modeling.

AI technology is not perfect yet, but DSOs are beginning to use it incrementally with the expectation that it will provide actionable intelligence to help them better meet the needs of people throughout the entire patient journey. They are using it to automate human tasks, so these tasks are performed with greater accuracy and save priceless time for team members across their operations and locations. Across their locations, DSOs are increasing their top and bottom lines by using the AI platforms we have today.


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