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Note: This article describes a previous version of Patient Prism. You can read about the latest version of Patient Prism, V3, here.

February 2018--Looking for the best way to engage new dental patients and monitor the effectiveness of you dental marketing? Then, learn about the Patient Prims platform. It’s the industry leader in AI assisted call tracking with state-of-the-science functionality to boost the growth of your dental practice or DSO.


Do you really know if your dental marketing is working?

Patient Prism answers one of the biggest questions that dental practice owners and managers have: 

Is my marketing working? 

Patient Prism software shows the number of calls generated by each marketing campaign, and it also shows the quality of those leads. Which services were requested? Which type of insurance did the caller have? Did the call end with a booked appointment? If not, why not? 

Patient Prism’s CallViz Cloud™ makes it easy to quickly spot trends in what callers from your community are seeking. This provides knowledge you need to wisely invest in new technology, additional training, team expansion, and refinement of your advertising to use the keywords prospective patients use.


You don’t have to listen to calls.

Patient Prism’s CallViz™ technology eliminates the need to listen to the recorded call to figure out what happened. Patient Prism uses artificial intelligence and human call coaches to analyze the conversation between the caller and the receptionist. That information is entered into the call record as text that is highlighted during those seconds where engagement lapses and the communication fails. 


Patient Prism helps Front Desk team member improve skills.

Associated notes from Patient Prism’s expert call coaches and Patient Prism Academy videos help your Front Desk do better with future similar calls. Many dental practices and call centers only book about 50% of new patient calls. After using Patient Prism, they book closer to 75% or 80% of calls. That’s because Patient Prism helps dental receptionists and call center operators significantly improve their call conversion skills.


Alerts from Patient Prism give you a second opportunity.

Patient Prism gives the dental office a second chance to make a first impression. If the call did not end with a booked appointment, Patient Prism sends out an alert within an hour. It includes the information about what happened during the call plus coaching tips on what to say during the follow-up call to overcome the patient's concerns and secure the appointment. That allows the team to turn a lost opportunity into a revenue-generating visit.


The Bottom Line.

When you see the many types of data Patient Prism collects and the easy-to-understand alerts and analytics that Patient Prism provides in nearly real time, you will know with confidence exactly what to target to improve your new patient engagement. You will be able to quickly call back missed opportunities to win high-value dental patients. And you will have quantifiable results from your advertising and see trends in patient inquiries to wisely make dental marketing decisions that will maximize your marketing budget ROI.  

You will see your dental patient base grow and profitability climb as you:

  • Recover lost revenue,
  • Reduce your dental patient acquisition cost,
  • Identify high-value patients,
  • Coach your staff on how to convert callers and schedule high-value patients,
  • Track your dental marketing initiatives and best target your marketing for higher ROI,
  • And more...

If you are a dental practice or DSO owner or manager interested in finding out more about how Patient Prism can help your dental practice of any size or your DSO of any size grow, please let us know. 

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