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Here you'll find hundreds of articles and video interviews with dental industry experts on the topics of DSO and practice growth, dental software, call-tracking technology, patient experience and artificial intelligence fueling the dental industries ability to treat more patients and change lives.

AI-Assisted Patient Prism will optimize lead conversion in your dental practice(s) AND enhance the experience of everyone involved.

Note: This article describes a previous version of Patient Prism. You can read about the latest version of Patient Prism, V3, here.

May 2021--Here are 10 ways in which today’s AI-assisted call tracking with Patient Prism will take you way beyond simple call metrics and traditional voice recording and transcription to a whole new world of patient acquisition. 


10 Ways Patient Prism Is Leading the Way

1. AI Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used in all digital marketing today. Does your call tracking software use spoken language AI to assess spoken words in real-time to feed you fast information about incoming phone calls? 

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) has come a long way in the last two years, and in dentistry, Patient Prism engineering has been leading the way in recognizing words and phrases commonly used in dental phone conversations. 
  • Patient Prism AI has the ability to recognize not only the contents of conversations but also the voice of the individual team member who answers the phone. 
  • After analyzing over 5 million new patient calls in over 900 dental practices, Patient Prism’s AI has an immense database associating specific elements of dental patient calls and successful scheduling over the phone. 

Effective call-coaching with Patient Prism. Schedule a demo ›

2. Fast Alerts

Does your basic call tracking system give you fast intelligence on “just lost” opportunities and the information you need to immediately call back with confidence? Patient Prism does.

  • Patient Prism’s AI evaluates the contents of the call and sends its assessment to one of our live call coaches in Tampa, FL for confirmation. An alert is then sent to your assigned administrator within 30 minutes.
  • Coaching notes come with the alert to help your team call back and win back a lost opportunity. Our statistics indicate that about 30% of patients will schedule if called back within an hour.

Many groups, who have used Patient Prism for 6 months or more, experience increases of 35% to 45%, reaching 85% to 95% conversion and hundreds of thousands in increased annual revenue.

“I love being able to follow up with callers the same day of their original call -- hearing the recording quickly and being able to recapture those opportunities on the same day, plus provide timely training for my team.” – Christy Bumgardner, Practice Manager, Carolinas Dentist

“It feels great. I feel like we make a difference,” said Rebecca Bowling, the manager of the Patient Scheduling team at Dental Depot. “Sometimes patients just need more time to process the information they were given. People may be hesitant to schedule because they fear the dentist or they fear the price, and they appreciate having someone care enough to call them back and guide them through their concerns.” 

3. Constant AI and Human Feedback -

Basic call tracking may track wins and losses but is not designed like Patient Prism to coach your front desk and call center employees on how to converse optimally with patients on the phone.

  • Patient Prism’s patented, visual CallViz™ technology shows you the segments of each call. Segments that failed to impress and motivate the caller appear red. Click on any segment of the call visualization to hear that segment of the call.
  • Coaching notes overlay the CallViz recordings to highlight what went right and what went wrong on each call.
  • Alerts contain links to short training videos that are relevant to the call, so your team can learn how to improve on the next call.
  • Onboarding and training your team members to answer phones is made easy via our call feedback, Patient Prism Academy videos, and guided support. 
    Patient Prism customers enjoy significantly increased new patient lead conversion because their teams constantly receive best call practice tips from leading dental experts. 

“It’s astounding what our team has been able to do with this technology in such a short amount of time,” said Glenn Ashmore, DDS, Founder of Dental Depot.

"Same-store sales have been up 6% year after year. “This was really a game-changer for us,” said Dr. Himesh Kana, DDS, the Managing Partner of Dental Depot DFW. “It doesn’t just show our team why somebody didn’t book. It shows us how to improve. It makes our team instantly better. Once our teams were trained, they understood it’s really about creating a better patient experience. I’ve always felt that was the key to running a successful practice.”

Effective call-coaching with Patient Prism. Schedule a demo ›4. Revenue Valuation

Basic call tracking systems do not track and alert you to the won and lost revenue represented by each call. Patient Prism does!

  • Your list of services and fee schedules are unique to your practice. These are loaded into Patient Prism, and when a specific service or procedure is mentioned, the AI knows. A revenue value is applied to the opportunity. 
  • When you schedule a caller, the value this patient immediately represents is tracked as “won” revenue. Later when actual revenue is received, you have the ability to update the valuation. 
  • When you fail to schedule a caller, the lost revenue is also tracked. Your team will learn the art of doing callbacks with information supplied by our AI and call coaches. Soon you will be winning back a significant percentage of these opportunities.

“Confidence to make callbacks with Patient Prism has been a game changer. Our receptionists are enjoying success with callbacks.” - Kathleen Gurney, Business Center Manager, New England Dental Group

5. An Academy Approach

Is your basic call tracking system designed for self-active adult learning? Patient Prism is.

  • At Patient Prism, we believe motivation comes from within to become your best and do your best for patients, the business, and the team. That’s why we facilitate brief, video learning moments, as well as provide many series of videos focused on specific objectives such as HIPAA training, how to best do callbacks, learning best ways to manage conversations about insurance, and much, much more. 
  • Patient Prism Academy is an online resource library containing hundreds of short training videos and tips of relevance to performance and leadership... more in-depth webinars, too. These resources feature dental coaches and consultants who speak at major dental conferences.
  • Patient Prism also generates performance accolades. Combine these with the Academy, the feedback of our call coaches, CallViz call visualization, fast alerts to call back and win back lost opportunities, and running performance reports -- now you have a highly successful learning environment that motivates team members to constantly do their best. 

“I like that the software gives silver and diamond awards monthly and tracks how much Revenue we booked for our company. The certificates are nice to keep in a portfolio and recognize employee achievements at the same time.” - Nicole Bartell, Patient Coordinator, Riccobene Associates

6. Improved New Patient Experience

Well-informed receptionists who have developed optimal phone skills for new patient conversations, help patients understand they have called the right place to receive the care they want, and these receptionists know the importance of assisting callers with genuine empathy for their needs. 

  • Patient Prism trains receptionists to warmly receive callers, gather information smoothly, effectively create value for the appointment, and efficiently convert the caller from an inquirer to a booked patient. 
  • This new patient experience is the first in a series of interactions your new patient will have with your practice. It sets the tone and expectation of a friendly, comfortable visit when they come. Patient Prism not only helps your receptionists make this first impression a great one but is a constant reminder to focus on the caller as if she or he is a VIP!
  • What better way is there to help more people access the oral health care they need than to warmly welcome them and help them into your practice? 

“Our front desk team is learning to better communicate with patients on the phone, especially new patients. The feedback they get when a new patient doesn’t book has helped them to grow and be more aware of how they communicate.” - Stefani Brannon, Office Manager, Gallery 57 Dental

7. Marketing Insights Beyond Marketing Attribution -

Patient Prism tracks not only the number of callers associated with individual advertising campaigns but also the quality of the calls. 

With Patient Prism, you know where to invest your marketing dollars based on results. With reports on demand for any period, Patient Prism tells you how many new patients are finding you, the services they requested on the phone, and the revenue opportunity represented by each call. 

  • You can now measure the results of your advertising on different media and assess the quality of the patients responding to your ads. Are your ads reaching your target audience? If not, modify your message and measure if the modified message is attracting your target market.
  • You’ll spend less on marketing to achieve better results when you optimize your lead conversion with best call practices, callbacks, and marketing campaigns fine-tuned with AI intelligence.

A free guide to using dental call-tracking software to make the most of your dental marketing

“Our marketing costs are about a third of last year. We don’t have to spend as much on marketing since we’re doing a better job at conversion.”  - Joshua Renken, DDS, Founder of Renken Dentistry

8. Individual Employee Performance Metrics -

Basic call tracking doesn’t track the performance of individual employees. Patient Prism does!

  • Patient Prism’s AI is given a recording of each of your receptionists stating a series of common dental call responses. The AI instantly learns how to identify the voice of that receptionist. Patient Prism can now track performance for that individual.
  • Not only are individual and team-wide performance reports motivators for improved performance, but office managers can easily keep their finger on the pulse of phone performance and know which employees need more coaching to optimally answer your phone.

“I use the videos on the website for training our front desk staff. The recorded calls allow me to pinpoint what we are doing well as well as areas we can improve on. The breakdown of calls by employee allows me to apply accountability and celebrate achievements.” - Steven Woods, Front Office Manager, Centerville Pediatric Dentistry

Effective call-coaching with Patient Prism. Schedule a demo ›9. More Robust Conversion Analytics -

Patient Prism uses AI-powered natural language processing and machine learning to provide deep insights into conversation analytics. Basic call tracking systems do not do this.

Managers can easily see how many people asked about implants, the percentage booked, and the revenue opportunity won or lost. They can see how many people said they had Delta Dental PPO, or spoke Spanish, or were in pain. 

  • Those deep insights help managers identify where to expand services, insurance participation, staffing, or hours to meet the needs of the community. It removes the need to guess and replaces it with actual statistics that can be used to make solid data-driven decisions. 
  • Patient Prism categorizes phone calls into new patients booked or not booked, current patients booked or not booked, appointment cancellations, appointment rescheduled, solicitations, and general calls. 
  • Patient Prism also tracks call volume by the hour, voicemails, and the number of callers who hung up on hold. That helps the operations team make staffing decisions to improve customer service. 

“I am 100% satisfied with the software. I love the metrics. I am very goal-driven customer -- focused, and competitive, so this platform plays into all of that for me.” - Kathy Wilson, New Patient Coordinator, Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

"More locations don’t necessarily mean more profits. Using Patient Prism, we can laser focus on the metrics that matter most and optimize operations in real time.” - Nilash Patel, DMD, Serenity Dental Practice Owner

10. A Track Record of Success

Other call tracking systems out there use AI, but Patient Prism is the first to have a huge volume of data from millions of calls -- and statistics that verify Patient Prism clients receive significant ROI. 

“We’ve gone from booking 65% of new patient calls to booking 92% of callers,” said Nicole Struckhoff, the Office Manager at Washington Smiles. “It’s definitely increased new patient revenue; there’s a direct correlation.”

“We increased our new patient acquisition rate by 90% and added $600,000 in new patient revenue in one year.” - Nilash Patel, DMD, Serenity Dental Practice Owner

“I think it's accountability,” says Dr. Parth Patel, Co-founder, and CEO of Smile Culture Dental. “We have these phenomenal call center team members that are trying their absolute best to put their best foot forward. When they're on the phone with a potential patient now, Patient Prism provides them with the tool to not only hear themselves on the phone but also work as a team to get better with real-time feedback. So, when that next call comes in minutes, they're instantly better.”

Patient Prism Is Uniquely Designed to Help You Grow

Patient Prism is uniquely designed with artificial intelligence, live coaching validation, and an online training academy to enable and empower you to optimize all your marketing leads… turning a high percentage of new patient calls into booked appointments while giving them a wonderful new patient experience. 

Your team will take pride in their success, managers and owners will be delighted with the results, and everyone will benefit from growing your dental practice business.

“This is the most simple-to-use platform I use on a day-to-day basis. Patient Prism allows us to quickly follow up with patients, and all the [support] staff are exceptional. Patient Prism Academy is awesome also!” - Ashlee Alexander, Communications Manager, Smilepoint Dental Group

It’s a Whole New World of Dental Patient Acquisition with

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Fast alerts
  3. Revenue valuation
  4. Constant AI feedback and human coaching
  5. An academy approach
  6. Improved new patient experience
  7. Marketing insights beyond marketing attribution
  8. Individual employee performance metrics
  9. More robust conversion analytics
  10.  Over 5 million analyzed new patient calls demonstrating a track record of success

Let us help you. Schedule a Patient Prism demonstration today!

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Additional Resources

Patient Prism holds five utility patents issued by the USPTO and is the only call tracking company that leverages artificial intelligence and human call coaching validation to deliver patients directly to your dental practice. Successful dental groups use Patient Prism’s award-winning platform to track and analyze new patient calls, identify and schedule high-value patients, receive alerts and expert call coaching to win back missed new patient opportunities, train team members, and receive real-time intelligence to improve their staffing, patient experience, and practice marketing.

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