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Fred Joyal

The Benefits of Call Tracking and Coaching Software for Your Dental Practice

Looking for the best way to engage new dental patients and monitor the effectiveness of you dental m...

Teledentistry and How to Treat Dental Emergencies

The conventional wisdom in dentistry has been that we have to physically see the patient. But during...

How to Track Your Marketing Efforts with Dental Software

To know which marketing channels you should use to advertise your dental practice or dental service ...

The Profitability Tipping Point for Dental Practices

Fred Joyal, founder and former CEO of Futuredontics, the parent company of 1-800-DENTIST, uses a met...

The Two Latest Trends in Dentistry

The world's changing and dentists need to implement strategies that will keep up - especially if the...

Hiring and Keeping Excellent Dental Receptionists

How do you hire — and keep — excellent dental receptionists? Here are three steps you can take to ma...

How to Hire an Excellent Receptionist at Your Dental Practice

When you think of the key positions in a dental office, you may think of the dentist and the hygieni...

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