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Note: This article describes a previous version of Patient Prism. You can read about the latest version of Patient Prism, V3, here.

June 2019--If a new dental patient calls us, and she or he is looking for prices on implants or says, “I think I might need an extraction,” we know the new patient needs higher-value dental services beyond a new patient exam. If we fail to schedule the new patient for an appointment, Patient Prism software alerts us to the opportunity we lost and prepares us to call back. Callbacks can recapture about 25% to 30% of what would have been lost new patients. Because we are monitoring success and making it fun to improve, our phone receptionists are motivated to make those callbacks and win those patients.


How Do RELO Alerts Work?

As a call is recorded, Patient Prism’s artificial intelligence (AI) software is gathering intelligence from keywords and phrases it has been trained to use in evaluating and extrapolating the results of the call. Patient Prism’s human call coaches in Tampa, Florida, then review the results and send out the Re-Engage Lost Opportunity (RELO) alert with feedback notes and links to appropriate, short training videos. The alert is sent to us via email or text message within 30 minutes of when the call first came in. 

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Because RELOs include specifics to help our receptionists prepare to call back the potential patient, we are having success with callbacks. I don’t know how we would recover high-value patient cases efficiently without Patient Prism. This software is fast and thorough.


Other Patient Prism Features We Value

Patient Prism records the number of calls, new patient conversions, voicemails, hang ups, and lost revenue opportunities for any period. The dashboards tell us the value of lost opportunities, report how patients are finding us, and report the reasons why patients do not book appointments. The Patient Prism artificial intelligence (AI) software can do this because it has been expertly trained to log keywords and phrases that occur on recorded new patient calls.

  • Comprehensive data to appropriately improve communication skills: There is enough data to know if the problem was a one-time event or has occurred often. We see trends, the big picture, and can zoom in on the numbers associated with specific team members who have answered calls. We learn who needs to focus on developing better communication skills and who is uncomfortable answering specific types of questions so we can work on answering those.
  • Data to improve marketing: Because our advertising is associated with specific phone numbers that are relayed to our front desk receptionists, Patient Prism identifies what advertising prompted the call and tracks which of our marketing campaigns are triggering calls. We use this data to evaluate if the advertising is attracting leads and attracting the right type of leads from callers likely to schedule appointments. We can use this intelligence to adjust our marketing.
  • Automated training from expert call coaches: The Patient Prism Academy of online training videos is large and comprehensive, so those answering the phones have advice for optimal phone conversations with new patients at their fingertips. The call coaches sending out alerts know which of the videos to attach to specific alerts, so there are ready hot links to the videos and receptionists can review the “how to” advice right away. Feedback training is continuous and content repeats enough for learning to occur quickly and be remembered on next calls. We’ve seen fast improvement.

Dental Softare Demo | Patient Prism

More Patient Prism Resources

The Patient Prism blog and the Patient Prism Academy video library feature hundreds of dental industry experts presenting recommendations and examples for leading and growing your dental practice, multi-practice group, or DSO. We have many videos from practice management coaches that provide advice for improving patient communication, converting new patients, and scheduling. We invite you to schedule a Patient Prism demo at a date and time that is convenient for you. 

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