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There are four leading call-tracking software platforms used by dental practices to help customers convert callers into booked dental patients:

  • Patient Prism
  • CallBox
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Call Rail

Comparison chart of 4 call tracking companies used by dental practicesWhen comparing them for use in your dental practice, group practice, or DSO there are 15 key characteristics to look at. Download the chart and see for yourself.

Which of the four are designed exclusively for dentistry?

Only Patient Prism is designed exclusively for dental practices to improve new patient call conversion, as well as track key marketing, sales, and revenue performance indicators. The other call tracking platforms we reviewed serve multiple industries.


What types of incoming leads do they monitor?

All four platforms monitor incoming phone calls. For some types of businesses, website forms, text, and website chat functions are beneficial for customer engagement and conversion. Patient Prism’s competitors -- CallBox, Call Rail, and Call Tracking Metrics, also have varying capabilities to track website form leads, inbound text leads, and website chat leads for additional fees. They have these add-on functions because these companies serve diverse business industries.

In the case of dental practices, one-on-one voice conversations have the greatest impact on converting potential customers into booked patients. Because Patient Prism is designed exclusively to optimize new dental patient acquisition, Patient Prism focuses on monitoring new patient calls and providing feedback from live call-coaching experts within 20 minutes of each new patient call. With this constant coaching, Patient Prism clients become highly skilled in the art of new patient conversations and callbacks to convert missed high-value, new patient leads. 

Because Patient Prism can monitor all types of incoming calls, not just new patient calls, Patient Prism’s pricing gives dental practice managers the option to focus only on new patient calls or to expand the service to include all incoming calls.

Effective call-coaching with Patient Prism. Schedule a demo ›

Do they all track marketing attribution?

Yes. All four platforms track the leads coming to phone numbers attributed to individual advertising campaigns, and all four report real-time marketing metrics down to the keyword level.


Which of the four platforms automatically alert you to failed calls?

Both Patient Prism and CallBox alert their customers to new patient calls that result in failure to book an appointment. Both platforms send alerts via text and/or email. Patient Prism’s alert system is the fastest. Patient Prism pushes out dissatisfied call reports with actionable intelligence within 20 minutes. CallBox does this within an hour. Patient Prism’s alerts are uniquely designed to include the keywords mentioned during the call, what went well on the call, and call coaches’ advice which will help your team on subsequent calls and help your team know what to say to win back that new patient with a callback call.




Which of the four platforms track estimated won and lost revenue?

Patient Prism is the only one that estimates the amount of booked and lost revenue based on the specific fee schedule you supply. As your team makes callbacks that win the revenue opportunity, report metrics are updated. Based on keywords tracked by AI and your fee schedule, Patient Prism alerts you to the estimated revenue you stand to gain if you win over that potential patient. Our fast alerts enable you to prioritize and call back the high-value treatment patients first. 


What metrics are unique to Patient Prism?

In addition to tracking call volume throughout the day and weeks, the number of unanswered calls that went to voicemail or were hung up, the number of each type of call, and how many times specific dental services are mentioned, Patient Prism also tracks caller-specific information the other platforms don’t track. This includes the appointment status of individual callers, callback follow-up status, actual revenue recorded for individual patients, voice recording graphics so you can spot the critical seconds in the call you want to listen to and study, and call coaching notes. Patient Prism recognizes the voices of your receptionists and tracks each receptionist’s performance individually. Patient Prism even awards printable certificates of achievement as your team members reach monthly conversion goals.

Patient Prism staff performance award of excellence certificate

Their are several tools to help you improve your customer or patient interactions. I use the videos on the website for training our front desk staff. The recorded calls allow me to pinpoint what we are doing well as well as areas we can improve on. The breakdown of calls by employee allows me to apply accountability and celebrate achievements."

– Steven W., Front Office Manager 

Effective call-coaching with Patient Prism. Schedule a demo ›

What are the most distinguishing aspects of Patient Prism that dental practices appreciate?

Here are five distinguishing aspects of Patient Prism that users rave about:

  1. Patient Prism’s patented CallViz technology that enables dental practice managers to read the analytics and understand them with rapidity 
  2. Macro reporting for the entire organization, location-specific reporting for multi-location groups and DSOs, call-center specific reporting, and micro reporting detailed to the individual team member who answers phones and each patient who calls 
  3. Constant coaching feedback with links to hundreds of video learning modules that Patient Prism has recorded with many of the nation’s well known dental consultants
  4. Client Success Managers who are dental call experts themselves and provide concierge setup, training, and assurance the platform is optimally used from the start
  5. Pricing that is scaled to the size of your business and its needs


How does pricing compare?

The pricing structures of the four platforms differ, so you will want to demo each product and converse with each company. Patient Prism, Call Rail, and Call Tracking Metrics do not require the purchase of a perpetual license, whereas Call Box does. With Patient Prism, you can stop your subscription when you like, although six months is the recommended period to see a significant increase in new patient revenue. While our competitors charge a flat rate for all types of inbound calls, Patient Prism charges one price for new patient calls and a lower, nominal fee for all other tracked calls. Patient Prism’s rates include lower and customized pricing on an enterprise-scale of four or more practice locations.

Start with identifying the features of each platform and understand the benefits they can provide. Patient Prism subscription includes access to the entire platform, including all its call tracking, analytics, constant call coaching to improve team performance, and free access to our client success and technical support teams.  


Our offices have benefited from Patient Prism tremendously by having the ability to keep in touch with future patients. It was a smooth transition into Patient Prism and whenever we experience anything we have questions with support is always there for us."

- Shannah Maldonado, Endodontic Associates (switched over from CallBox)


Do they all have a free trial period?

CallBox, Call Tracking Metrics, and Call Rail have a short, free one-month trial periods. Patient Prism does not offer a free trial month due to its concierge onboarding process. 

To start, Patient Prism’s client success coordinators work with each client to gather and enter the information our artificial intelligence needs to assess calls intelligently. This includes each client’s custom list of services/procedures provided, custom fee schedule for revenue estimation, in-network insurance providers, client preferences for alert thresholds and team member access to tracking reports, sample voice recordings so the AI can track which receptionist is answering each call, assignment of unlimited tracking numbers and relay phone lines, and more. Then, personalized team training is provided via web conferencing on the day and time you schedule. Questions that come up during training and later are quickly answered by your assigned client success coordinator. 

Our setup and training process results in faster optimal usage. 



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