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March 2021--One of the things dental practices and dental service organizations have been struggling with recently (and especially during COVID-19) is staffing. More dental owners are turning to call center services like those offered by Call Force, Dental Whale, Unique Dental Scheduling, Dedicated Office Solutions – and for implant dentists, Driven Dental Implant Marketing.

Dental teams who optimize their call answering with Patient Prism and also use a call center service for before and after-hours calls, are maximizing the opportunity to call back 100% of new patient callers and convert them to scheduled patients within minutes!

In our recent article How to Create a Successful Dental Call Center, we presented recommendations for creating a call center using Patient Prism. Now let’s look at reasons to combine Patient Prism with your existing or future call center. 


Why you want to combine Patient Prism with your dental call center 

    • Maximize the leads coming in from your online and offline marketing efforts

      The receptionists who use Patient Prism become highly trained in optimal new patient phone calls and conversion. Similarly, receptionists who are answering calls in call centers such as those listed above, have expertise in speaking with new dental patients, answering dental questions, and scheduling patients for you and alerting you to high value leads for follow up. When you combine the two services, WOW! Now, your phones are optimally answered at your locations, and when your location-specific Front Desk cannot answer calls outside of business hours or because of a peak in call volume, potential new patients are able to speak directly with someone at your call center who is knowledgeable about your practice, eager to help, and skilled at making a first impression that results in a booked appointment. 

    • Significantly expand your patient base and restorative dental practice

      You will engage more new dental patients who might have gone on to call another practice. Patient Prism analysis of millions of calls demonstrates our clients increase new patient acquisition from less than 50% to 80-90% within six months, while the national average has stayed at the low end of the range. And with new patients come opportunities to provide more restorative treatments.

    • Out compete for new dental patients

      As dental service organizations and growing group practices scale, the competitive market for new patient acquisition is heating up like never before. Because you are quickly receiving Patient Prism alerts about callback opportunities and notes from our call coaches, and because your call center service is quickly alerting you to relayed voicemail, chat text, and lead forms associated with your digital marketing, both you and they can quickly reach out to all leads to capture all scheduling opportunities. 

    • Get patients for new dental locations and onboard new teams faster

      As you scale, your Front Desk teams and organization’s managers will have access to a common software platform and process for maximizing new patient leads, staff training, and making managerial decisions. This provides a fast start for acquiring patients for new locations, as well as the development of new team members. Soon, your teams will be habitually using optimal communication skills when having phone conversations with potential new patients. 

    • Improve the new dental patient experience

      When you combine Patient Prism with a call center, you will enable your team members to work efficiently with confidence and to focus on the immediate priorities of patients in the office. You’ll soon discover that you are improving your new patient experience which drives more stellar reviews and referrals. As you grow with new locations, having a predictable, wonderful, new patient experience is critical for success. 

  • Have real-time intelligence for making optimal business decisions

    The call reporting you receive from Patient Prism is so rich in information gathered by our artificial intelligence software that you will have the data you need to make optimal decisions about Front Desk and Call Center staffing and training. With the intelligence gathered, you will know which of your marketing channels and messages are providing the best and most leads, and you will be able to forecast local-market demand for specific services. DSOs using Patient Prism also report they have used the data to strategically improve specific aspects of the patient experience in their locations.


The synergy of partnering is simply amazing

You will improve new patient acquisition and lower your cost of new patient conversion by working with Patient Prism’s dental call experts, your call center experts, and your local teams trained by Patient Prism to expert level. We’ll help you combine Patient Prism with your call center and onboard your teams so everyone works in tandem with two goals in mind… to capture every new patient lead driven by your marketing and to respond promptly and effectively to convert those leads before they call your competition.

If you are using a dental call center service now, we will work with you and your provider to combine the call center service with Patient Prism. If you are creating or have established a call center within your organization, let us show you how we can take your new patient acquisition to the next level.

Patient Prism has changed how we evaluate our phones. Before, we were guessing. Wondering if people were doing a good job and then hearing horror stories later.  That’s all changed.  Every morning we review the Patient Prism numbers and place our staffs’ performance up for all to see. Who’s good, who isn’t? We now have much more confidence in how the patients are being treated on the phone.  We also now have an idea of the lost opportunities leaking out of the practice and have systems to recover them. Combined with CallForce for our two locations, Patient Prism has taken us to the next level of patient conversion."

- Toussaint Crawford, DDS, FICOI

Learn more about Patient Prism

Patient Prism holds five utility patents issued by the USPTO and is the only call tracking company that leverages artificial intelligence and human call coaching validation to deliver patients directly to your dental practice. Successful practices use Patient Prism to track and analyze new patient calls, identify and schedule high-value patients, receive alerts and expert call coaching to win back missed new patient opportunities, train team members, and receive real-time intelligence to improve their staffing, patient experience, and practice marketing.

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