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August 2022--Chelsea Myers, founder and CEO of Dental Life Coach, has expertise in helping dentists in DSOs and group practice environments get the most out of their careers and lead happy lives. Amol Nirgudkar, co-founder and CEO of Patient Prism, interviewed her during the 9th annual Dykema Definitive DSO Conference in Denver. 

“I’m fascinated with what Chelsea Myers is doing to help DSO and group practice doctors find their purpose and happiness and eventually get to where they want to be in life. Her company Dental Life Coach is leading them to mental and financial prosperity,” says Nirgudkar. “Please tell us what you do.”




What does Dental Life Coach offer?

“We’re concerned with optimal efficiency as it applies to real-world function,” says Chelsea Myers. “Our aim is to develop dentists as leaders who are flexible and adaptable people, the type others look up to and want to be led by.”

Myers says without strong decision-making skills and processes in place, problems can mushroom in a challenging environment. For example, Myers reports that many dentists have concerns about how to professionally communicate with their teams. They can easily offend and “run-off” team members without understanding how their internal issues such as frustration are manifesting as anger or impatience. They need to understand themselves and their behaviors so they can mindfully change them.


Your Tone of Voice Matters More Than You Realize


The coaching is built around health, happiness, and success says Myers. To arrive at those, you need to develop real awareness of your inner state and its outer manifestations. For example, “If I'm not aware of a problem that I have, if I'm not aware that I'm running my team members off because of the way that I'm approaching them, then I can't fix that,” says Myers. “My clients are generally great people who want to fix that. They want to know how to professionally communicate with others.”

Dental Life Coach offers transformative coaching, courses, and resources through its industry-specific DSO and Group Practice membership program.

“It really is inspiring to watch the transformation dentists go through. I think of health, happiness, and success as all part of the same rubber band," says Chelsea Myers. "And if they're not progressing at the same rate and something's held back, at some point the band snaps, and then there's no amount of money, success, or title that will make up for the fact that you're unhappy.” 

“Three to six months in the program offers a really good pivot,” Myers says. “From there we can decide together what would be appropriate for them. We have a robust LMS system. We have individual coaching and group coaching. We have a fantastic team to meet those needs.”

“Every doctor has their own journey, their own life experiences, their own past, their own self-limiting beliefs that you have to deal with,” says Nirgudkar. “If a group has ten doctors, is that too many to manage as a group?”

“Some of our clients have more than ten doctors,” says Myers, “and they can do a hybrid program of individual and group coaching. I have found they get tremendous value from hearing someone else talk about their concerns and then being coached through their thinking. It's very transferable, even if it's not the exact same situation that you have.”


Are there ways to measure the results of the coaching?

“I like to keep an eye on case acceptance rates and retention, and then ultimately, I get a diagnosis from leadership and from the team members. Is this a culture that you want to be a part of, and is this a scalable culture for the organization? And so, we keep track of those things, and on average, we're seeing a 20 percent increase in case acceptance rates. We're seeing a tremendous increase in retaining our talent,” says Myers.

“The search for well-being in dentistry is a process nearly every dentist goes through. A life coach, like Chelsea Myers, who understands the entrepreneurial mindset of doctors, their aspirations, and values, and who also understands the challenges of practicing dentistry today is a good match for dentists affiliated with DSOs and in Group Practices.” –Amol Nirgudkar, Co-founder and CEO of Patient Prism 

About Chelsea Myers

Chelsea Myers is the CEO & Founder of Dental Life Coach and the host of the Dental Brain Crops podcast. She is passionate about improving the health, happiness, and success of dental executives and professionals focusing on optimal efficiency and real-world function.  

Dental Brain Crops PodcastDental Life Coach systems, training, and resources provide access to the tools needed to create successful results including increased case acceptance rates, improved retention, and scalable cultures of healthy, happy, executives, providers, and teams. 

To contact Chelsea Myers, go to dentallife.coach or visit Chelsea Myers on LinkedIn. 


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