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Note: This article describes a previous version of Patient Prism. You can read about the latest version of Patient Prism, V3, here.

February 2021--Patient Prism users are reporting fast success with the usage of Patient Prism’s call tracking platform. The immediate results include real time call data and evaluation, opportunity to call back callers, improved patient experience, improved new patient conversion, and ROI.


Effective call-coaching with Patient Prism. Schedule a demo ›Patient Prism eliminates time-consuming review of phone calls.

Gokulan Thiagarajah, Director of Operations of New England Dental Group, says, “We have always recorded our calls at our company. The hardest part is to review them. It’s a very time-consuming process." Thiagarajah reports that Patient Prism makes it easier on the management side because the AI software evaluates the calls, tracks data, and sends recordings of calls to Patient Prism call coaches in Tampa, Florida, who then provide their feedback on improvements to make and link short training videos. The coaches' feedback is available online, along side the call recording, within 30 minutes or less of the incoming call. In the case of other call tracking software that the New England Dental Group considered, this coaching was not included. "Results really do come from Patient Prism's coaching of our team," he says. "The feedback coaching was important in our decision to use Patient Prism.”


Patient Prism gives teams opportunity to quickly call back.

Dr. AJ Acierno, CEO & Founder of DecisionOne Dental Partners, reports that when they started using Patient Prism, team members on the phone immediately liked that they were learning how to do better from Patient Prism. "They understood quickly that it wasn't big brother looking in on them," Acierno says. "It is actually a tool to help them and make their jobs easier. So instead of wondering why three out of ten phone calls from new dental patients failed to book appointments, the receptionist and supervisor now know why the caller didn’t accept an appointment. And now they get a chance to call them back.” Re-engage Lost Opportunity alerts have enabled DecisionOne team members to prepare for improved conversations and quickly call back new patients who did not book. These efforts have recovered a significant percentage of potentially lost new patients.


Patient Prism improves the new dental patient experience.

Dr. Himesh Kana, Managing Partner of Dental Depot DFW, reports that their teams really want to provide an exceptional patient experience, and Patient Prism is helping them do this. “Our staff loves it. Once they were trained and understood what we were trying to do, they understood it was really about a better patient experience and our teams embraced it. The dashboards allowed them to understand what to do. And it then became a teaching tool with the great Patient Prism videos training them where and how they can better enhance their phone skills.”


Patient Prism quickly improves phone communication for dental patient conversion.

“I think it's accountability,” says Dr. Parth Patel, Co-founder and CEO of Smile Culture Dental. “We have phenomenal call center team members that are trying to put their best foot forward. When they're on the phone with a potential patient, Patient Prism provides them with recordings and real time feedback, so they not only hear themselves on the phone but also learn what to do better. When that next call comes in, they're instantly better.”


Patient Prism immediately provides ROI.

CEO & Founder of DecisionOne Dental Partners, Dr. AJ Acierno, says, “If anybody is worried about a return on investment with Patient Prism, they shouldn't be worried. The reality is, if your team members use it correctly, the return on investment comes immediately.”


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