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Elijah Desmond is a serial entrepreneur who speaks worldwide. During COVID-19, he has taken his Driven Dental Implant Marketing company to the next level and is making his clients happy with an innovative strategy that delivers financially qualified patients who are ready to move forward with implant treatment.


Dental implant treatment is becoming the standard of care and can generate high revenue. More dentists are equipping themselves to provide implant procedures, putting them in greater competition with each other. COVID-19 has accelerated the competition because fewer patients are financially qualified. When leads are not financially prequalified, a huge 95% of those, who are booked for consults, do not move forward with treatment.

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Traditional dental marketing doesn’t guarantee financially qualified patients.

Traditional digital marketing motivates implant treatment shoppers to call your phone. Then what? 

  • It isn’t easy to persuade callers to make that first appointment. Implant callers are cost conscious and shopping around. They are hoping to hear reassurances that they can afford this, the doctor is very experienced to do implants, and they are going to have a wonderful experience. 
  • After the front desk succeeds in scheduling a caller for a complimentary consultation, the dentist spends a significant amount of time evaluating the patient and explaining the options. But with 95% of patients not moving forward due to the cost of treatment, frustration runs consistently high.

You don’t want to waste time on calls and complimentary consultations that are not going to convert to treatment. Like Patient Prism, Driven Dental Implant Marketing is dedicated to lowering the cost of new patient acquisition by increasing conversion to booked appointments and accepted treatment. Like Patient Prism, we address the gap between marketing and successful sales with a combination of a digital technology and human coaching. Like Patient Prism, we are driving the success of our customers, and we are improving the patient experience.


This is how we improved implant marketing.

During the COVID-19 shut-down, our clients weren’t able to do dental implant procedures, but they were able to provide emergency care for infections and symptomatic teeth. So, we jumped into the emergency dentistry space and pivoted their marketing strategies to pivot their business. 

The new emergency patients they brought in are grateful for the care they received and are a target market for restoration and replacement of diseased and missing teeth. If handled wisely, some are low hanging fruit for implant treatment, especially since the trust from emergent care already exists. The goal is to find the ones who came through the practice who can pay cash or can finance treatment. To accomplish this goal, we established our Virtual Patient Advocate Marketing Program to educate and motivate potential patients via virtual consultations with our Virtual Patient Advocates (VPA’s). 

What we do through this program is:

  • Generate leads for our customer.
  • Presell financially qualified patients on the doctor’s expertise and the value of implant treatment.
  • Help leads become comfortable with implant treatment and how much they may need to finance.
  • Help motivated leads secure health care loans and refer them for credit repair if needed for financing.
  • Deliver prepared and prequalified patients to schedule for an initial appointment.

The dental practices we serve are back up to speed with implant treatment and have a lowered cost of patient acquisition. We’ve made it easy for them to pivot how they engage their patients for implant treatment. Their marketing has painlessly changed. More leads are turning into scheduled patients and accepting treatment. We’ve freed up time for the dentist and the care team. Frustration is down. Profit is up.

Effective call-coaching with Patient Prism. Schedule a demo ›


This is why our Virtual Patient Advocates are successful.

Our Virtual Patient Advocates (VPA’s) are experienced treatment coordinators. They conduct virtual, online consultations with your potential patients and guide them so patients can navigate their dental journey at their own pace. They do not hurry patients. They educate them, encourage them, help them envision a preferred dental future, and assist them in finding a way to pay for the desired treatment. This is all accomplished before the doctor diagnoses and recommends specific treatment for the patient’s oral health circumstances.

Our VPA’s are skilled at helping potential patients repair their financial credit before seeking treatment. When patients go through this process and arrive at the point where they can get thousands of dollars of financing, they book an initial appointment knowing they want the treatment. They know what to expect and are ready for it.

Patients are delighted with the virtual advocacy. Through VPA, they become extremely comfortable accepting treatment. Because patients are coming to you pre-educated, motivated, and financially qualified, they are ready to move forward with treatment. Now, you can focus on what you do best, clinical care.


All it takes is a couple of converted implant cases to create big ROI.

The pandemic crisis gave us an opportunity to do more to help our clients thrive. Finding the right 5% of patients efficiently became more crucial than ever. With our marketing efforts, and virtual consulting, our customers convert those high-value patients without spending time looking for them. 

We had one client this year, who wanted to pause marketing for a month before the holidays as he had plenty of patients through the end of the year. In the last week of advertising before that pause, we delivered him another $70,000 to $90,000 in scheduled treatment. That one week of advertising will boost his ROI in the new year. We’ve delivered patients who walk in with $55,000 in cash. We’ve sent patients to credit repair who are getting approved financing within 90 days. Success stories spill in every day.

All it takes is a couple of high value patients to create a big return on the investment. We’re constantly observing success with the VPA program that brings in multiple high-value patients a month. Implant dentists can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their annual revenue by out-competing for the right 5% of patients.

Learn more about Driven Dental Implant Marketing.

To learn more, you can go to our website: Driven Dental Marketing, or you can email me, Elijah Desmond, at elijah@drivendentalmarketing.com.

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