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December 2022--Planet DDS was the first to offer Denticon, a cloud-enabled dental practice management (PMS) software and has since become the leading provider of dental software solutions for both private dental practices and DSOs of all sizes in North America. Today, Planet DDS also offers Apteryx, a cloud-enabled advanced imaging solution and Legwork, a patient relationship management solution.


Denticon truly meets the DSOS where they want to be met. The robustness and the data integrity of their reporting platform coupled with fully integrated imaging, an easy-to-use online scheduling and payment portal, a state-of-the-art Patient engagement platform and highly scalable platform architecture makes Denticon a preferred solution for emerging and established DSOs.

-Amol Nirgudkar, Co-Founder & CEO of Patient Prism

Planet DDS | DenticonPlanet DDS offers award-winning, cloud-enabled solutions for dental practices of all sizes. Over the past 18 years, Planet DDS has migrated practices to Denticon from 60+ different practice management software systems. 2021 was an exceptional growth year for Planet DDS, due to the continuing demand for practices to modernize operations, reduce costs, and improve patient care.

In 2021, Planet DDS welcomed over 1,500 new practice locations, representing a 28% increase in new providers and a 65% increase in users, bringing the total number of supported users to 60,000. Notable brands that moved to Planet DDS solutions include Aligned Dental Partners, Dental 365, North American Dental Group, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, and Simply Beautiful Smiles.

Planet DDS also completed the acquisition of Legwork, a leading patient relationship management solution in late 2021.

"With the addition of Legwork, it was an exciting year for Planet DDS,” said Eric Giesecke, Chief Executive Officer of Planet DDS. “We continue to expand our footprint in the dental market, increasing the opportunity to positively impact our clients and their patients. As dental practices continue their move to modernize their operations with cloud-enabled solutions, we expect to see similar growth in 2022 and beyond."

To support the company's rapid growth and successful onboarding of new practices, the company added additional talent across the organization in 2021, resulting in a 50% increase in employee count. This included the strengthening of its senior leadership team with the addition of Chief Financial Officer, Shawn Edwards, and Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Tyrell-Smith.


Why are dental practices moving to Denticon?

  • Dental practices and organizations that make the move to Denticon and Apteryx enjoy time and cost savings.
  • With fully integrated imaging and patient communications, practices eliminate the need for multiple third-party applications. Denticon’s bundled solution not only saves practices money but eliminates the need to toggle between multiple applications to complete daily functions.
    Because Denticon is cloud-enabled, not only can practices significantly reduce overhead cost of managing on-premise servers, but also alleviate the headaches of managing an on-premise solution.
  • With Denticon, providers can securely access patient data anytime, anywhere. No need to come into the office to access patient records during an emergency.

Denticon increases dental practices and organizations’ data security.

  • Denticon uses state-of-the-art hardware and software firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and continuous Security Information and Event Management to monitor and protect patient data.
  • Denticon performs continuous data backups daily, nightly, and weekly, ensuring their clients' data is always recoverable and available when needed.
  • Denticon makes it easy to manage data access permissions. Denticon users leverage robust security settings that allow practices to control the depth and breadth of user access.
  • Denticon also creates detailed audit trails for all user activities.
    Dental organizations and practices centralize, grow, and scale with Denticon.
  • With Denticon, it is easy for dental organizations to identify production gaps and additional treatment opportunities with its comprehensive report library. Pull and visualize data across multiple locations in one place and easily drill down into the data by location, region, provider, and more.

Centralize administrative work with Denticon.

  • With access to patient data anytime, anywhere, dental organizations can provide administrative support for multiple locations remotely or at an offsite support center. This allows onsite staff to devote more of their time to patients.

Easily add new offices and locations with Denticon.

  • As dental organizations grow, the Planet DDS team is always ready to support and onboard new locations.


Advanced Digital Imaging with Apteryx XVWeb by Planet DDS.

Apteryx 2D and 3D Digital Imaging are Planet DDS cloud-based x-ray software solutions that enable clients to store their x-ray images on the cloud for anytime, anywhere access. Unlike proprietary systems, Apteryx does not lock users into a specific imaging device or practice management solution. The HIPAA-compliant portal allows doctors to share clinical data securely, and the 3D version enables doctors to access and securely share cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) files. All 3D image interactions can be completed via the web by using a full suite of image enhancement, annotation, and implant planning tools.

In 2021, Apteryx achieved a new milestone by hosting over 550 million images, representing 380 terabytes of storage in the cloud. During 2021, Planet DDS converted 400% more practices to Apteryx XVWeb, helping over 14,000 monthly active users experience the benefit of anytime, anywhere access to patient images.


What is Legwork Patient Relationship Management?

With the recent acquisition of Legwork, Planet DDS also offers patient relationship management solutions. Legwork is a patient relationship management (PRM) software that helps dental practices with many things including customizable reminders, two-way texting, online appointment scheduling, email marketing, and Google and Facebook reviews. In 2021, Planet DDS helped clients create and pursue over 200,000 new patient leads and enabled the creation of 200,000 Facebook and Google reviews for clients.


High Praise from Users

The Planet DDS platform (Denticon Practice Management Software, Apteryx Imaging, and Legwork Patient Relationship Management) has received high praise from users.

“Denticon has been a huge win for us. Having a cloud-based solution took away the bottleneck of servers. I had spent so much time, money, and resources building infrastructure but I realized it starts with the practice management solution. You need to start with a practice management solution like Denticon that can scale with you. It’s so important to focus on where you want to be tomorrow, not just today,” explained Dmitry Burshteyn, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Dental Management.

“XVWeb has allowed us to utilize numerous brands and models of digital imaging hardware, to provide the best possible care to our patients. We are not limited to one digital imaging hardware manufacturer, which allows us tremendous flexibility in providing the best solutions possible to the organization,” said Justin Aaron, IT Support and Infrastructure Manager for 72 location doctor-owned group, Park Dental. “I would recommend XVWeb to any colleague of mine in the Dental industry, who is looking for a robust, hardware agnostic, imaging solution, with a great support team.”

“Legwork took a practice with a strong reputation and history and gave it a voice in the modern age," says Dr. Greg Grillo. “Thanks to the experience the Legwork team has with dentistry, we evolved into a more efficient, recognizable brand. And the tools for success have just kept coming.”




About Planet DDS

Planet DDS is the leading provider of cloud-enabled dental software solutions serving over 10,000 practices in North America with over 60,000 users. The company delivers a complete platform of solutions for dental practices including Denticon Practice Management, Apteryx Digital Imaging, and Legwork Patient Relationship Management. Planet DDS is committed to creating value for its dental practice clients by solving the most urgent challenges facing today's dental practices in North America. To learn more, visit www.planetdds.com.


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