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December 2022--After announcing a partnership with PROPS Center in December, the Patient Prism leadership team was excited to interview the PROPS Center founder and executive director, Kathlene Gerrity, and the new Props Center director, Mike Scaringe. In a nutshell, PROPS Center (http://www.propscenter.com) supports dental practices by saving that most valuable resource of time. Its goal is to enable dental professionals to achieve maximum efficiency, reduce margins, and quickly find resources that will swiftly support them when they need assistance. As a subsidiary of the Connecticut State Dental Association, its primary focus is on helping Connecticut dental practitioners. However, professionals networked with Connecticut dentists also avail themselves of some of PROPS Center’s partnered products.

“It’s a huge compliment to have Patient Prism chosen to partner with PROPS Center,” said  Amol Nirgudkar, Patient Prism’s co-founder and CEO. “PROPS Center is partnering with Patient Prism to provide a 25% discount on Patient Prism call-tracking and analysis software. And Patient Prism’s Sales and Client Success Teams will do everything they can to help PROPS Center members.”


What inspired the PROPS Center directors to partner with Patient Prism? 

“Our research into call tracking software revealed that Patient Prism is a proven revenue booster for dental practices,” said Mike Scaringe. “Revenue growth is a perennial goal of dental practices, and on every dentist’s mind, we talk to. I was eager to demo it and then was personally impressed. I come from a financial background and have spent my career focused on financial growth strategies. Patient Prism stood out.”

“Demoing Patient Prism was really great,” said Kathlene Gerrity. “It’s so comprehensive. A huge part of my job and Mike’s job is forward-facing with dental offices and talking to not just the dentists but also the ancillary staff. We hear about some of their concerns, for example, ‘We’re not able to do this,’ or ‘We’re getting last-minute cancellations.’  It’s tremendous to be able to swoop right in and say, ‘Hey, have you tried this?’ Then, we sit them down and put them on the demo. We’re showing dental professionals Patient Prism every day. I’d like to put a feather in Mike’s cap, because lately he has been traveling to towns throughout Connecticut, and visiting multiple dental offices per community. One day, in December, he visited 40 dental practices.”

“Lots of times, they have their guard up when I walk in,” stated Mike. “But you have a quality product, and it’s my job to get out there and tell people about your quality product. When I walk in, the first thing I say is, “I’m not selling anything. I’m here to help you. I leave a package with all our partners’ information so the dentist or office manager can review it.”

Mike continued, “Attending the geographical component meetings of the Connecticut State Dental Association enables Kathlene and me to listen one-on-one to dentists and then respond to the challenges they talk about. It’s easy to steer someone to the Patient Prism demo and talk about the value of doing it because I genuinely believe in the quality of the product.”



What does “PROPS” stand for?

“PROPS Center was conceived to help small businesses adapt to the new environment that exists since COVID-19 ravaged our world,” stated Kathelene Gerrity. “The first image that comes to mind is a central hub for products and services that prop dental practices, but another image is that of a three-legged stool,” said Kathlene Gerrity. “P.R. stands for Professional Resources. O.P. stands for Office Products, and S. stands for Services.” With the 3 legs of the stool in place, you can sit comfortably, knowing that your practice will thrive and patients will receive the best care you can give.” 

“Our mission is to support professional practices by providing them with knowledge about resources, products, and services that will help them thrive and expand dental care. We also want to save them money but not at the cost of quality, and we want to save them that most precious commodity we keep referring to–time,” said Mike Scaringe.

“Quality is so important,” said Amol Nirgudkar. “It’s like when a dental practice hires a new employee. A poor hire can cost you money. The same goes for the products and services you invest in. You’ve got to know that you will use the product or service… that it can be easily implemented, that it is well supported, and that you will be motivated to use it because it has a large ROI.”

Kathlene added, “Part of our mission is saving dentists dollars, but the marketplace is so full of competing products that we want to steer our PROPS Center members to quality products. While the price point is important, other qualities should be considered. From day one, I wanted to focus on having only quality partners. I don’t want people to have to wade through products and be attracted to a product because it costs less but doesn’t stand up to the quality they need and doesn’t do everything they were seeking. The most important thing we can do is save busy professionals time.” 

“Not only are our partners’ products relieving workloads and increasing efficiency, but we’re saving dentists and practice managers time by reviewing many products for them and then showing them the products we think are best in their class,” said Mike. “The value PROPS Center brings to the table is large. We qualify opportunities.”


How are PROPS Center and Patient Prism working together?

“We expect a lot from our partners in the way of product demos, client onboarding and training, and product support,” said Kathlene. “Our reputation as a quality network and extension of the CSDA is at stake. We’re in business to provide value, so with skin in the game, we are getting the word out about our partners’ products and services, and inviting them to give our members cost savings and educational content linked to the blog page on www.propscenter.com. Patient Prism has a wealth of content to guide dental practices in best practices and strategies for maximizing their marketing and sales, improving the new patient experience, and making business decisions based on Patient Platform’s call analytics and A.I. insights.”


How are PROPS Center and Patient Prism aligned in how they approach dentists and dental practice managers?

Both are in the business to help dental practices thrive and grow. Just like PROPS Center recognizes practice challenges and strives to find the best solutions for dental practitioners, Patient Prism carefully monitors the needs of dental practices and is constantly developing its platform to address these needs. Neither organization pressures potential clients, to use their resources, products, and services. Both invest in educating dental professionals about what is possible and believe in helping the profession reach its highest potential.

Jillian Householder, Patient Prism’s VP of Business Development & Client Success is dedicated to giving prospective clients a demonstration of the platform and also having a fully transparent conversation about what they can expect their ROI to be. “That way, they know they are not under pressure and welcome to make a decision that they know is right for them,” he said. “It just so happens that in a majority of cases, a demo more than exceeds expectations, and dentists and practice managers point out a large number of ways the platform will improve their operations and profitability. Once they are being personally onboarded, trained, and coached by our Client Success Team, they feel quickly at home using the platform’s CallViz analytics dashboard, automated receptionist training, missed opportunity alerts, and marketing intelligence.”

Patient Prism's AI enhances every step of the patient journey.

Jillian continued, “We can’t wait to give PROPS Center referrals the best we have to offer. A demonstration of the software platform and a conversation about your special practice will give them the insights they need to decide if Patient Prism is right for them.

We’re upfront with dentists and practice managers about the return they can expect from using Patient Prism based on the clinical capacity of the practice. For most dental practices, the ROI is an additional $100,000-$150,000 in new patient revenue per year without spending more on marketing. This magic happens because their staff utilizes Patient Prism’s A.I. call intelligence to engage, re-engage, and convert the high-value new patients they want.”

PROPS Center dentists are invited to make a Patient Prism demo request here: Patient Prism's Special Offer for PROPS Center Dentists.

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