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Himesh Kana, DDS, is the Managing Partner of Dental Depot DFW, a dental group with more than 20 locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona. Dr. Kana and his team are focused on providing the best customer service and patient care possible, and quickly saw the value of Patient Prism.


“Our staff loves it. Once they got trained and understood what we were trying to do, it was really about a better patient experience. Our teams have embraced it. (They like how) it’s been gamified. They get awards. The dashboards allowed them to be able to really understand what they do and it really became a teaching lesson with great videos that (demonstrate) how they can enhance their phone skills. What we've found is that the teams really want a better patient experience.”

Patient Prism records new patient phone calls, identifies people who end the call without booking an appointment, and provides rapid call coaching so the team can call back that potential patient and win them back. It’s teamed up with dental industry leaders from across the country to provide the short training videos for the front desk, plus has a library of more than 900 videos designed to improve the job skills and job satisfaction of team members in other positions.

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