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Here you'll find hundreds of articles and video interviews with dental industry experts on the topics of DSO and practice growth, dental software, call-tracking technology, patient experience and artificial intelligence fueling the dental industries ability to treat more patients and change lives.

Note: This article describes a previous version of Patient Prism. You can read about the latest version of Patient Prism, V3, here.

May 2022—Companies like Patient Prism, Pearl, and Overjet utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to benefit the dental patient experience and provide optimal care.

  • From dental marketing to new patient onboarding...
  • to examination and diagnosis...
  • to treatment planning and treatment acceptance...
  • to associate and team member training...
  • to workflow automation with dental laboratories...
  • to clinical need verification for insurance claims and more, 
AI technology helps individual dental locations to maintain consistently high standards and multi-location dental organizations to centrally monitor these standards.

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Patient Prism utilizes AI to assess incoming phone calls, identify high-value patients, and report actionable intelligence--while constantly training your front desk team to enthusiastically help patients access the care they want and need. Pearl’s and Overjet’s AI assists dentists in interpreting clinical data, reducing risk, and providing predictable treatment. Here is how Patient Prism, Pearl, and Overjet help with every step of creating a positive patient journey to meet the challenges of patient conversion and treatment acceptance.


Online Marketing 

Patient Prism’s AI-generated keywords help identify which search terms to use in optimizing your marketing efforts. As Patient Prism monitors responses to your advertising, you know which messages and marketing channels best engage the high-value patients you want and lead these patients to call your practice.



Front Desk Reception

Patient Prism’s natural language processing (NLP) AI has listened to over 8 million dental phone calls to recognize, interpret, and analyze human language. Patient Prism has steadily become faster. It now evaluates your patient calls and alerts your team within 10 minutes of a potential patient who did not schedule an appointment. Each alert includes feedback on why the potential patient called and an estimate of the patient’s revenue value. The feedback also includes:

  • what went well and what could have gone better during the phone conversation, 
  • notes from expert call coaches on how to address similar situations in the future, 
  • the potential revenue value of the caller, 
  • notes for making a callback call, and
  • links to short training videos of relevance.

Patient Prism constantly coaches your front desk team on exactly what to say to increase conversion rates and set patient expectations for an optimal patient experience. Teams using Patient Prism become adept at making callback calls that successfully win over patients. That’s where the quick feedback from Patient Prism makes a world of difference. Our data indicate that if potential patients are called back within an hour of their original call, 25% or more of the patients will be converted.


Preparing for Patient Visits

Patient Prism’s AI-tracked call information helps in scheduling and preparing for the patient’s visit. Overjet’s auto charting streamlines patient record-keeping and ensures clinical information is not missed.


Patient Interaction with Dentists, Hygienists, and Dental Assistants

Patient Prism constantly reminds your administrative team members to set the expectation that everyone cares about the patient as an individual and is there to help the patient have a wonderful experience, including comfortable conversations with clinical team members about oral health and treatment concerns. Patient Prism coaches your front desk team to rave about the doctor’s and hygienist’s expertise and compassion. Patients enter the operatory feeling confident the dentist and hygienist will appropriately address their concerns in a caring way. The stage is set for building relationships of trust and helping patients make treatment decisions in alignment with their oral health goals.


Examination and Diagnosis

Pearl and Overjet deliver intelligence from cutting-edge computer vision, data science, and dental research so you can provide patient-centric and evidence-based dental care. Artificial intelligence analyzes radiographs in real-time to detect pathologies and inform you about the latest relevant research. You have the assurance that you are not missing conditions requiring periodontal and restorative treatment and insights into the predictability of alternative treatment modalities. When it comes to processing insurance claims, you have verification and documented evidence of the clinical need. 


Treatment Acceptance

Acceptance of dental treatment and an optimal treatment experience often boils down to the patient’s trust in the clinicians and administrators who will serve them. Trust in your diagnostic workup and treatment recommendations escalates when you discuss the findings of AI and patients see scaled images of the oral health problems in need of treatment.

Patient Prism’s AI intelligence and Patient Prism Academy prove and reify the value of constant optimal communication, compassionate support, and exceptional service at each stage of the patient journey…at each decision point…and each hand-off. The positive culture the team sustains increases both treatment acceptance and your employees’ engagement with their work.


Automated Laboratory Workflow and More Accurate Restorative Treatment

Pearl’s AI is revolutionizing the dental restoration process by enabling dentists to instantly execute margin marking with precise accuracy and enabling dental labs to score and bucket each patient scan based on its clarity. If the scan is high enough quality, it is automatically routed to the margin marking stage of the restoration workflow. If the clarity score is low, it is instantly flagged and the dentist is instantly notified, so a new intraoral scan can be captured while the patient is still in the chair. By systematically processing the quality of margins, dental labs, dentists, and, most importantly, patients benefit from higher quality dental restorations.


Treatment Coordination and Billing

Patient Prism coaches your front desk to make a great first impression about your team’s exceptional service, payment options, and insurance billing expertise. From the start, patients are made to feel more comfortable discussing obstacles to their care and listening to options that make it more affordable or otherwise more comfortable to receive treatment.

Your team will continue helping patients understand you have their best interests in mind and building on the seeds of trust. Pearl’s and Overjet’s AI enables efficient and accurate claim review and real-time payment integrity to ensure insurance claims are paid at the right time for the right amount.


got ai? 

When your patients consistently have wonderful experiences throughout their patient journey and are highly satisfied with the predictably successful care you provide, you are poised to grow. 

The trend is clear. Independent dental practices and dental support organizations (DSOs) are intentionally investing in AI platforms for:

  • monitoring key business indicators and employee performance, 
  • reducing the cost of patient acquisition, 
  • onboarding new patients,
  • developing team members, 
  • earning patient trust, 
  • improving the accuracy of diagnosis,
  • evidence-based treatment planning,
  • increasing periodontal and restorative case acceptance, 
  • standardizing care and customer service at the highest level, and 
  • enhancing the patient experience.

The result is a scalable, highly profitable business that serves more people, fills community oral health care needs and does so by treating patients as valued, special individuals worthy of the best care. 

Clearly, business success and branding are optimized by the intelligence delivered by AI. But putting business considerations aside, the key thought I hope you take away is that, ultimately, artificial intelligence benefits the people you serve. 


Schedule a Patient Prism Demo with Brenton PaulAbout Patient Prism

Patient Prism holds five utility patents issued by the USPTO and is the only call tracking company that leverages artificial intelligence and human call coaching validation to deliver patients directly to your dental practice. Successful dental groups use Patient Prism’s award-winning platform to track and analyze new patient calls, identify and schedule high-value patients, receive alerts and expert call coaching to win back missed new patient opportunities, train team members, and receive real-time intelligence to improve their staffing, patient experience, and practice marketing.

About Pearl

Pearl is shaping the future of dental care by delivering AI and computer vision solutions that advance efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and patient care. Founded in 2019 by Ophir Tanz, Pearl is backed by Craft Ventures and other leading venture capital firms — but we can provide you with more fleshed-out company details text if you’d like to include something more robust. Please let me know and I’ll send that along. 

About Overjet

The company was founded by PhDs from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and dentists from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and incubated at the Harvard Innovation Labs. The team is dedicated to solving the most challenging problems in dentistry to improve care for millions of patients. Learn more here >

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