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Parth Patel, DMD, is the co-founder and CEO of Smile Culture Dental, an emerging dental support organization with two locations in the greater Philadelphia area. They implemented Patient Prism because of the training it provides their team call center team members. Patient Prism analyzes every new patient phone call that doesn’t end in an appointment and sends back specific coaching tips that the team members can use to call back the potential patient and book them on the second try.


Dr. Patel likes how the team members can apply those coaching tips to future calls as well.

 “We have these phenomenal call center team members that are trying their absolute best when they're on the phone with a potential patient. Now, Patient Prism provides them with a tool to not only be able to hear themselves on the phone and be able to critique themselves and each other and work as a team to get better, but also provide real-time feedback. Now, when that next call comes in and 10 or 15 minutes, they're instantly better. And that's been really cool to see.”

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