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April 2020--Simplifeye’s CEO Ryan Hungate, D.D.S., talks about Simplifeye’s CONNECT teledentistry initiative as a rapid response to the challenges of dental practices assisting patients during COVID. Users of their system quickly learned the benefits of having a teledentistry solution and will continue its use after the pandemic has passed.


As Covid-19 escalated and dental offices were shut down, we recognized the strain that closing dental practice doors was placing on dental professionals and patients. No longer on a normal schedule, facing staffing issues for treating emergency patients only, scrambling for PPE and technology to reduce the risk of exposure, then reopening to provide fuller services all made it difficult for dental teams to stay connected with their patients.

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Teledentistry Became an Important Means of Communication

When everyone was at risk of getting this easily transmitted virus and staying home, dentists and team members needed to stay connected with their patients. Patients had many questions and still do about the safety of dental visits. Patients in need of urgent care weren’t sure they could get it or where they could go for it. It became difficult to fill practice schedules even after practices re-opened to offer full services due to fear of exposure to the virus. It became more important than ever to have the best communication tools possible. That’s why we responded with our CONNECT teledentistry solution.

During the emergency dentistry only period and after practices reopened to provide a full range of services, teledentistry has enabled dental teams to:

  • Have an initial consultation online and inform a concerned patient about whether they need a live clinical evaluation, how urgently, and the availability of an appointment.
  • Do pre-appointment health history in-take and Covid exposure risk assessment.
  • Schedule appointments and assure patients of their safety.

With teledentistry, patient time in the office is shorter and fewer people are in direct contact during in-office visits. Team members can work more hours from home.


Simplifeye’s CONNECT Solution Bundled Chat and Video

Simplifeye bundled Amplify, its 24/7 Live Chat function, with CONNECT video conferencing to provide a new, innovative solution. The ease of communication, the increased thoroughness of communication, and the exceptional convenience of having concerns addressed during an online appointment or prior to a live appointment is something patients and dental team members appreciate. Team members have benefited, as well as patients, in the reduced risk of exposure to the virus. Everyone has adapted quickly to the process of using CONNECT.

CONNECT video conferencing is:

  • Easy to use by dental teams and patients.
  • Available on all devices - phone, laptop, tablet
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Billable by most insurances with D0140/D0170/D0171 + D9995 codes

The Amplify chat function features:

  • 24/7 live, human-driven chat
  • HIPAA compliance
  • 7-second average response time
  • Chat specialists providing free support in 27+ languages


Insurance Coding 

An area of ambiguity that has long followed the teledentistry conversation is if, and how much, insurance companies will reimburse for virtual procedures. The Coronavirus crisis has forced this conversation. The short answer is that it depends on the insurance company (and sometimes the state), but there are some consistencies. You will find more information here, including coding for:

  • Limited oral health evaluations
  • Re-evaluation of a previous condition
  • Post-operative online office visit
  • Dental case management and care coordination 


No-Cost Trial Generates High Usage

Online conferencing has accelerated during 2020, and teledentistry is an example of an application that is becoming common place in dental practice. As practices experience the benefits and ease of our system, they are looking forward to using it, even after the pandemic, as their lives return to normal. We are enabling dental practices to get back on track through a 60-day free trial. To learn more about CONNECT, see a demo, and sign up for a free 60-day trial, visit https://simplifeye.co/connect

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