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June 2018--Darin Acopan of the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) describes the energizing and insightful mastermind events regularly provided by the Dental Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) to help DSO owners and managers meet the challenges of scaling their DSO.


What is the DEO?

The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) is not a dental service organization. Instead, we are a community of entrepreneurial minded dentists and dental executives who believe in group learning and networking with our peers, while surrounded by the best education and resources. Our members include owners of single dental practices, of 2 to 10 practices, and of more than 10 practices. Members belong to mastermind groups that meet online regularly with group coaches. We offer private, member immersion events and public events that include webinars, summit meetings, and on-demand workshops.

All our programs are based on the following four specific areas:

  1. Grow your support network.
  2. Grow yourself.
  3. Grow your team.
  4. Grow your business.


DEO Mastermind Sessions

Group learning enables entrepreneurial dentists to learn from experts and their peers the many different ways to grow their business. You don’t waste time and money reinventing the wheel. We say, “The community is your teacher.” There is power in sharing with your peers and group mentors.”

After becoming a DEO Member, you can use the power of Mastermind Calls, peer-to-peer networking, and online discussions with other participants. We put you in a small group of peer entrepreneurial dentists and executives who are all experiencing the same challenges as you. You can share your successes, solutions, challenges, and inspiration, and help keep each other accountable.

We talk about problems that people run into such as how to get funding, how to develop KPIs, or how to establish SOPs. In this industry, you can find multiple answers to the same problem. So, we enable our members to hear different opinions and choose the best method for themselves and their own situation. We also coach them in the principles of good leadership, self-awareness, management, how to coach people, and how to build a good culture.

Within the Mastermind Groups, DEO Members are led through an initial 12-month process to get exposure to all aspects of what makes a successful dental group or DSO. For example, members will collaboratively walk through the best practices for building a successful multiple-location group, including:

  • Practice acquisition and de novo
  • Associate retention and management
  • How to form and optimize a legal DSO
  • Essential KPIs for expanding group practices
  • Essential systems and processes
  • Getting out of the chair (if you’re a clinician)
  • Becoming an effective CEO
  • Expanding your leadership ability
  • Coaching others to their max potential
  • Effectively communicate in tough conversations
  • Expanding your self-awareness and blind spots

Members learn from experts who have been where they are now, collaboratively solve problems, and achieve their vision faster with less frustration.


How to Get Started with DEO

If you want to get a better sense of what we do, I invite you to look at our website and read our blog. The energy and success we experience within our membership is truly amazing. In addition to becoming members, many dentists and dental executives first connect with us via one of our public events. Our DEO Summits are well known industry wide. Click here to see our upcoming events.

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More Resources

The Patient Prism blog and the Patient Prism Academy video library feature hundreds of dental industry experts presenting recommendations and examples for leading and growing your dental practice, multi-location group, or DSO. We have many videos providing advice for entrepreneurial dentists. We invite you to schedule a Patient Prism demo at a date and time that is convenient for you.

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