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May 2020--Christina Villarreal is the Patient Experience Manager at Dental Associates, a family-owned practice with more than a dozen practices in Wisconsin. After testing the system in three practices, Dental Associates is now adding Patient Prism to all of its locations.


Patient Prism is a call-tracking and call-coaching system. It records new patient phone calls and quickly analyzes the call. If the call did not end with the caller making an appointment, Patient Prism details what happened on the call and provides rapid call-handling tips to help the team member know what to say differently. The team member can use the information to follow up with the person who didn’t book and try to win them back, as well as apply the knowledge to future calls.

“Now that our staff members can get their own missed opportunities and go back and listen to their calls, they can hear how they sound, what dead air sounds like,” said Christina. She said having Patient Prism has helped all the team members follow best practices on the phone.

“Just asking for names and phone numbers at the beginning of the call is so extremely important. Not only in case they're disconnected, but for using their name throughout the call. And that's how you build that relationship with a patient. You don't have to be on the phone for 10 minutes to make that connection. It's really within the first 50 seconds that you can create a connection with someone.”

Christina said it’s also helped their team members to keep their tone of voice warm and friendly, and not sound robotic. By giving the dental receptionists specific feedback, it’s helped them improve their call-handling skills and call-conversion rates.

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