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May 2018--Hospitality expert Lisa Spradley helps individual dental practices and dental service organizations (DSOs) spot opportunities for quickly making lasting relationships in our fast-paced and quickly changing world.


A dental practice culture with focus on hospitality establishes behavioral standards for its employees and sparks internal motivation to behave in ways that lead to each employee and the practice (as a whole) having a “hospitality heart.” It starts with the practice location and DSO leadership focusing on the need to address the needs of patients and communicate in an exceptional way.


10 Benefits of Focusing on Hospitality in Dental Practice

When focus is placed on exceptional communication and addressing the needs of others, every person we have contact with has a positive experience. Accumulating positive experiences result in:

  1. More new dental patients
  2. Faster development of patient trust
  3. Greater treatment acceptance
  4. Higher patient satisfaction and referrals
  5. Increased patient retention 
  6. Higher employee satisfaction and retention
  7. Team alignment around common goals
  8. Quicker and more successful problem resolution
  9. A meaningful, enjoyable workplace
  10. Increased profitability


Does Your Dental Practice or DSO Have a Hospitality Heart?  

Hospitality is essential for successful dental practice. By this I mean being generous, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful via exceptional communication. Each team member will benefit from pausing to think about the following:

  • Were there moments in your interaction with teammates and patients today when you were generous, friendly, and helpful? 
  • Were there moments in your interaction with teammates and patients that you were not generous, friendly, and helpful?
  • Can you think of an interaction today when you could have been more helpful if you had more knowledge or confidence to share your knowledge and skills most appropriately? 
  • Were there moments when you could have performed better if others around you had hospitality hearts?

Even if you mean well, you won’t be the most hospitable you could be unless you invest time and effort into self-development. Sometimes, you know what you need to know and have the skills but lack confidence. In this case, conversations with co-workers, research, study, observing colleagues, and a little courage can make all the difference. 

Dental practice owners will benefit greatly from investing in the training of their dental teams, so they have the skills and empowerment to serve at their highest and best. One skill set that typically needs development is communication.


Engage in Meaningful Conversations with Your Dental Patients

I worked at a dental front desk for more than 20 years and understand the struggle to put the patient’s needs first while taking care of the front office. Keeping focus on the patient will lead to more production and in-office referrals. Every business needs to develop the habit of constantly putting the hospitality character strengths of friendliness, generosity, and knowledge into exceptional communication that is meaningful to its customers.

It’s our communication skills that allow us to deliver exceptional care to our dental patients and teams every single day. The development of these skills requires listening well and taking actions to address the needs and wants of others. Taking action demonstrates our commitment to the high purpose of delivering exceptional care. This high purpose makes our work meaningful and drives us forward.

The goals of exceptional communication and addressing others’ needs leads to a level of hospitality that ensures every contact is a positive experience. This positive experience encourages others to trust us with their needs and to refer family and friends to us.


More Patient Prism Resources

Join us at Patient Prism Academy to view Lisa Spradley’s short lessons on the power of hospitality and skills that give you the power to influence … lead others:

  • Learning how to actively listen
  • Readiness to put the customer first
  • Leading the team by example
  • Open and honest conversations that welcome others to share
  • Putting aside personal troubles
  • Conveying our Why
  • Developing emotional connections
  • … and more
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