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Here you'll find hundreds of articles and video interviews with dental industry experts on the topics of DSO and practice growth, dental software, call-tracking technology, patient experience and artificial intelligence fueling the dental industries ability to treat more patients and change lives.

Note: This article describes a previous version of Patient Prism. You can read about the latest version of Patient Prism, V3, here.

June 2019--Christina Villarreal is the Patient Experience Manager at Dental Associates, a family-owned practice with more than a dozen practices in Wisconsin. After testing the system in three practices, Dental Associates is now adding Patient Prism to all its locations to improve their receptionists’ call-handling skills and call-conversion rates. She said it’s been easy to see the ROI as their team members have learned more effective ways to answer callers’ questions.


Patient Prism Basics

Patient Prism is an award-winning call tracking and call coaching program used by dental practices of all size… single location, multi-location groups, and dental service organizations (DSOs). Patient Prism analyzes every new patient phone call, identifies calls that end without booking, and provides rapid training to win them back. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI), experienced call coaches, and training videos from industry experts to provide fast, actionable insights. With call backs, dental practices are re-engaging and booking about 30% of what would have been lost opportunities.

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Re-Engage Lost Opportunity Alerts

Each new patient call is recorded, keywords and phrases are identified by artificial intelligence, and the call record is relayed to live call coaches in Tampa, FL. The coach who receives the call, attaches training notes and video links, which are held in the dental practice’s Patient Prism data base for retrieval. All of this happens within 30 minutes of the call.

Every time a potential new patient ends the call without booking an appointment, Patient Prism sends out an alert via email and/or text message. These are called “RELO alerts” or “re-engage lost opportunity” alerts. Each alert includes specific coaching tips and links to short videos from experts in the dental industry on just what to say.

If a caller inquired about high value services like implants, crown & bridge, or Invisalign and did not make an appointment, you especially want to know about the call, so you can prepare to call back the caller and make a second impression that sells them on making the appointment.

Calls that go to voicemail should be called back as well as calls that still have potential for conversion. That’s the beauty of the RELO alert., Patient Prism’s artificial intelligence knows when to alert you to a high value lost opportunity and sends a text message and email to the dental practice administrator.

From the call coach’s notes and linked short training videos, our receptionists know what to communicate differently:

  • When that situation occurs on a future call.
  • In a callback call.

Many times, a callback within an hour will tip the scale to booking an appointment. The success rate of callbacks has been remarkable, on the order of 30% new patient conversion. On the callback calls, the receptionist impresses the caller with her or his desire to help the caller and provide additional information that addresses the caller’s previously state or implied concerns. The empathy and sincerity of these callbacks wins new patients without you having to spend more marketing dollars to bring in more calls.


Results Demonstrates ROI

In our dental practices, it has been eye-opening to see how the opportunities lost can go into opportunities won. And we measure that. Each quarter we have charts that we share with our leadership team and each of our offices to show how beneficial it is to have a platform like Patient Prism letting us know where we're able to recover new patient revenue. It’s not only for that first visit, but if we're able to make them our dental home, the return on investment is astronomical. That one callback phone call can turn them and their family into loyal patients.


More Resources

Patient Prism comes with Patient Prism Academy, which is an extensive library of over 900 videos featuring many of our industry’s experts and national speakers. There are series of videos, in the Academy, that are of value to dental practice owners, DSO entrepreneurs, specific dental team roles such as the dentist, hygienist, dental assistant, office managers, insurance administrators, and so on, not just the front desk receptionists.  All videos are designed to provide information, insights, and tips to improve job skills, try new approaches, and answer common challenges each member of a dental team may face.

For more information about Patient Prism and to see a demonstration of its capabilities, click here.


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