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Co-founder and CEO of Overjet, Wardah Inam, is passionate about improving oral health for everyone by using technology. “For me, it is about how do we bring impact and how do we solve problems that impact people's lives,” says Inam. “I did my masters and Ph.D. at MIT and am focused on how do we use technology to solve problems that matter.

This topic is close to Patient Prism’s CEO’s heart as well, and at the Dykema 2021 conference, Amol Nirgudkar and Wardah Inman shared the platform to talk about the problems artificial intelligence is addressing in dentistry today.

This video is an additional resource that answers key questions and addresses the challenges dentists have right now.



  • How does technology help patients in the door to get the dentistry that will improve their lives?
  • Does AI technology help dentists diagnose and plan treatment better?
  • Does AI technology help patients accept treatment?
  • Does dental AI technology have significant ROI?


Problem: Patients are not getting the treatments they need 

Fifty percent of Americans, at best, have seen a dentist. Of the 50% who have, only 50% of them actually accepted treatment. In a hundred billion dollar industry, improving the number of people who are treated by just 10% leads to billions of dollars in revenue. But it’s not just the money that motivates dentists and dental organizations, it’s also serving others and enabling them to have healthier, happier lives. 

Dental care is underutilized because people need convincing that the recommended care is essential to their health, to saving their teeth and attractive smiles, and to minimizing the pain and cost associated with delaying care. Patient Prism AI software helps callers become comfortable with scheduling dental appointments. Overjet AI software helps patients in the chair quickly trust in the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

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Problem: Dentists need technology to assist them 

In the typical dental practice environment, the dentist moves from patient to patient with little time to examine x-rays and diagnose problems while patients are in the chair, let alone communicate the need for treatment and facilitate treatment acceptance. “It's a huge task. It's a huge burden,” says Inam. “The burden we're putting on dentists is a huge responsibility as well. And this is where I feel that technology can help. Whether it is in helping them make that diagnosis or helping them convey that information to the patient because it's a very busy environment, with very little time, and a lot of context switching going on, as well.”

Overjet’s computer vision-based AI assesses the x-rays and highlights the information requiring comprehensive care, so the dentist can make a confident diagnosis and not miss dental problems. Overjet visualizations are presented to patients to better communicate treatment needs. This results in greater treatment acceptance and improved patient experiences. And because missed problems can lead to more extensive and costly treatment later, finding all treatable issues early is a game-changer for both the dentist and patient.

With Overjet, “we have surpassed individual dentist’s accuracy,” said Iman.

The AI has seen millions of more x-rays than a single dentist, and the AI is trained on the consensus input of many dentists. Through the FDA’s framework, Overjet’s accuracy has been clinically tested and FDA cleared as a medical device for better x-ray diagnosis. 


Problem: Often there is a disconnect between diagnosis and treatment

Overjet has a software utility that connects the practice management system to the imaging software. The software looks at not only the X-rays, but also other diagnostic data, treatment plans, follow-up appointment scheduling, and actual treatment.  “All practice data gets analyzed...every chart of every patient of every provider. And we give you a complete picture of your practice performance,” says Iman. “How are you doing on periodontal disease? How are you doing on scaling and root planning? How are you doing on crowns? How are you doing on implants?” Opportunities and risks are uncovered, and the goal becomes to move those metrics to improve them. We can tell you how you are doing relative to others. This information leads to action so that more care is delivered and more revenue is earned.

“In a million-dollar revenue practice, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars of untapped revenue, but the way we look at is it’s about finding the right treatment as well. It’s about having the information that enables you to provide the right care. Revenue just follows. Is there an ROI here? There’s no question about it. We’re talking about 20 times ROI, and we price it per practice per month.”

Problem: Dental practice administrators and dental insurance companies don’t speak the same language

Overjet has software that connects dental practices with insurance companies. The first goal is to enable them to communicate using the same language. The software makes sure the medically necessary treatments will be paid out quickly and non-medically necessary treatment is predetermined. While the patient is sitting in the chair, the treatment plan the patient will be asked to accept is compared to the insurance plan and assessed by the AI in real-time, so the dental practice and patient know the out-of-pocket costs at the point of care.

Just as in the case of the patient accepting treatment for problems that have been verified by a data-driven source, patients are more confident to schedule needed treatment when they know the costs and can financially plan around this. 


Additional Resources:

AI technology is changing the way dental offices function, and at the end of the day, they are delivering better health care on a daily basis. The side effect is better topline and bottom-line growth.

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