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A little history…

On my first knowledge translation, i.e., technical writing assignments, I was thrown into the world of econometrics to document software developed to do time series analysis (forecasting) for ADP and Citibank. This was 22 years after the birth of AI at the Dartmouth Workshop (1956).

During the 22 years, computers had been taught to solve algebraic word problems, prove theorems in geometry, learn to speak English, calculate statistics from large data sets and forecast trends in data, draw 3D models, and carry out realistic (human-like) conversations. In 1978, where I worked, we were using logic programming to analyze SEC and corporate data for financial planning. Large corporations were subscribing to financial software platforms and starting to develop their own.

Today, everyone has access to AI software, and businesses of all sizes use it. Business growth, including the dental industry I primarily work in, is driven by:

  • a growth mindset,
  • capital that needs to be put to work to earn consistent returns,
  • strategic M&A transactions, and
  • strategic application of artificial intelligence that has demonstrated ROI.


Growth outlook…

Dental service organizations (DSOs) and AI technology in dentistry will continue to emerge and grow, backed by private equity. Why? Because liquid capital needs to be put to work, and both DSOs and dental AI technology were resilient during the pandemic to produce consistent returns. DSOs using AI software platforms are experiencing growth that feeds financial ROI and human wellbeing. The platforms significantly aid them in working on their business growth and predictable scaling of their business.

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AI facilitates increased revenue AND wellbeing

Patient Prism and other AI software platforms that have been developed specifically to address problems/challenges in dental practice serve more than to increase financial ROI in DSOs. These AI software platforms evaluate millions of data points in real-time to deliver actionable intelligence that benefits the lives of real dental patients and real dental workers. This intelligence makes working with dental patients more enjoyable, less stressful, and more fulfilling. The intelligence is visually presented to impact patient experience and patient care quickly, positively.

It doesn’t matter if you are a dentist and dental team in a million-dollar revenue solo dental practice or if you are a dentist and dental team working for a multi-million-dollar group practice or DSO. If you want growth, Patient Prism and other dental AI software fuel growth and are so profitable (ROI up to 20x) that you can’t afford to not have it.

Patient Prism holds five utility patents issued by the USPTO and is the only call tracking company that leverages artificial intelligence and human call coaching validation to deliver patients directly to your dental practice. Successful practices use Patient Prism to track and analyze new patient calls, identify and schedule high-value patients, receive alerts and expert call coaching to win back missed new patient opportunities, train team members, and receive real-time intelligence to improve their staffing, patient experience, and practice marketing.

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