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Has your new patient acquisition slowed down? Are you worried about how you are going to fill your practice schedule? Are you spending more on digital marketing with the hope the “right” new dental patients will call? 

If so, you are not alone. 

With dental practices opening in almost every neighborhood... and competition high to attract the same high-value new patients you want, now is the time to understand how Patient Prism’s artificial intelligence software will not only increase your new patient conversion so you can fill your schedule and meet your revenue goals but also help you target the type of patients you want.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere.

AI software using natural language processing (NLP) compares spoken words, written words, clicked words, and screen views to vast databases containing information about what people do search, view, and communicate. The software processes millions of data points swiftly to determine the probability of what a person will do next and to identify trends. We see this artificial intelligence at work every day as we use our smartphones, smart pads, and computers…even our Alexa-run home appliances. It’s why we constantly see pop-up ads and news feeds related to what we have previously viewed.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps you schedule more of the patients you want in two ways.

One way AI helps you book more patients is by referring patients via pay-per-click advertising like Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram ads. With proper wording and an appropriate monthly budget, you should have lots of high-value leads from these ads.

Another way is through Patient Prism’s call analysis platform, which evaluates your incoming calls to determine which callers are of the highest value to you, to track what happens in their phone conversations with your team, and to alert you to missed high-value opportunities so you can attempt to quickly win back those opportunities. 

“When we began with Patient Prism, we were at 56% call conversion. Now we’re in the 90s.”  Joshua Renken, DDS, Founder of Renken Dentistry

“At Washington Smiles, we went from booking 65% of new patient calls to 92%.” Nicole Struckhoff, Office Manager


“I wish I had said that.”

How many times have you ended a conversation and thought of something you forgot to say or wish you could have said in a better way? Countless, right?

Patient Prism’s AI software is programmed with certain keywords and phrases used commonly on dental phone calls and can spot things your front desk or call center team members forgot to say that would have increased the probability that the patient would have booked the appointment.  

Because Patient Prism’s software has analyzed over five million new dental patient phone calls and found outcome correlations with the things that are said by the patient and receptionist, we know with unbiased certainty that when concerns of patients are not addressed upfront on the first call, the call will likely fail to book an appointment.

BUT when the prospective patient is called back within 30 to 60 minutes and the concerns are addressed, our client analytics indicate that 25 to 30% of these callback patients will be impressed enough to make the appointment. Many of our clients have had greater success within six months.

In just six months, Dental Depot recovered $300,000 in collected revenue, just from patients who were won back on the follow-up call.

“It’s astounding what our team has been able to do with this technology in such a short amount of time.” –Glenn Ashmore, DDS, Dental Depot Founder

Patient Prism’s combined AI and live call coach confirmation platform constantly instructs you in the best things to say. The result is more booked patients of the type you want. You are converting more callers into scheduled patients without spending more on marketing. Your cost of new patient acquisition is going down.

“Within a year, our new patient revenue increased by $600,000.” ~ Nilash Patel, DMD, Serenity Dental Practice Owner

A free guide for your team to reduce broken appointments on the phone.

How does Patient Prism make front desk and call center life easier?

Patient Prism makes it easier to meet your new patient goal each month and to fill your schedule. Your team members who answer the phone and monitor business operations will find it to be a wonderful productivity tool.

Team members answering the phone now have an opportunity to make a second impression that is better than the first. Patient Prism alerts you to make callbacks and what to communicate to win back the patients who did not book an appointment when they called. Because the alerts are teaching moments, receptionists quickly learn the best things to say and how to say them in a multitude of situations.

Some new patient opportunities will be immediately more valuable to you than others. Each Patient Prism alert includes keywords used in the prior conversation, such as dental implants, Invisalign, crowns, emergency dentistry, dental cleaning, and so on. Each alert also includes an estimate of the lost revenue you can recapture based on your unique fee schedule.

Your team can decide which callbacks have priority. Some Patient Prism clients have become so adept at doing callbacks that they have logged 90% conversion of the high-value patients they really want.

Constant feedback from our Patient Prism coaches on what went well and what could have gone better on each call quickly trains phone receptionists in optimal phone conversations with new patients. Your team members will have access to Patient Prism Academy -- an extensive library containing short training videos featuring over 70 of dentistry’s top practice management consultants.

“Patient Prism doesn’t just show our team why somebody didn’t book. It shows us how to improve. It makes our team instantly better.”  Himesh Kana, DDS, Managing Partner of Dental Depot

“We count on Patient Prism as we onboard and train new dental receptionists. Monitoring their development with Patient Prism is easy, and the provided constant call coaching improves their call conversion quickly.” Kathleen Gurney, Business Center Manager, New England Dental Group

And let’s not forget the improved new patient experience. Your team has been coached by Patient Prism to optimally communicate with and welcome the newcomer before the new patient arrives. When the patient walks in, he or she feels someone in your practice is their friend, looking out for them. What a great start this is for building comfort and trust!


Setting up and getting started with Patient Prism is so easy.

As soon as you sign your agreement to start, our onboarding specialist will reach out with an onboarding form on which you or your office manager enter the information we will need to track and coach your calls. The form is easy, and you can enter the information at your own pace. Once we have that information, our IT specialist will reach out and walk you through the process of setting up tracking numbers for your various marketing channels and promotions. You will also hear from our Client Success Team and be assigned an account manager who will personally walk you through our training session of about 30-45 minutes, which will be conducted via Join.me screen sharing. Your Client Success account manager will oversee and help you every step of the way.

We provide many resources to help you make the most of Patient Prism’s call tracking, opportunity alerts, reports, coaching, and call conversion training. And a support request can be submitted any time online. Soon, you’ll be converting significantly more of the high-value patients you want on your schedule!

“Confidence to make callbacks with Patient Prism delivered information has been a game-changer. Our receptionists are enjoying success with callbacks.” Kathleen Gurney, Business Center Manager, New England Dental Group

Every month, your Client Success account manager will check in with you to review Patient Prism call metrics, revenue opportunities lost and won, marketing insights, and more. You’ll receive recommendations based on the vast intelligence we are collecting on dental patient concerns and behavior as it changes and trends.

“When they're on the phone with a potential patient now, Patient Prism provides them with the tool to not only hear themselves on the phone but also work as a team to get better with real time feedback. When that next call comes in minutes, they're instantly better. And that's been really cool to see.” Parth Patel, Co-founder and CEO of Smile Culture Dental


We’ve made it easy. We know it works. And the ROI is real!

Preparing to capture new demand should start immediately if you want to compete for the highest value patients and start reclaiming the revenue you lost during the pandemic. 

By using Patient Prism now, your team will be learning how to best convert potential patients to scheduled ones and your cost of new patient acquisition will steadily decrease as your profitability steadily increases.

Don’t let your business be left behind! Let us show you how to get rid of the new dental patient conversion blues. Reach out for a demo today and find out what is easily doable and affordable for you! 

Dental Softare Demo | Patient Prism

Patient Prism® holds five utility patents issued by the USPTO and is the only call tracking company that leverages artificial intelligence and human call coaching validation to deliver patients directly to your dental practice. Successful dental practices, multi-location groups, and DSOs use Patient Prism’s award-winning platform to track and analyze new patient calls, identify and schedule high-value patients, receive alerts and expert call coaching to win back missed new patient opportunities, train team members, and receive real-time intelligence to improve their staffing, patient experience, and practice marketing.

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