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April 2020--It's more important than ever to keep emergency dental patients out of the ER. The "Urgent Hub" by Greyfinch is a low-cost, web-based application used for prescreening dental patients for COVID-19 symptoms and determining if the patient’s need qualifies as urgent, as outlined by state and federal directives. This application is designed to support dental practices of any size… single location, associated group, or DSO.


How Urgent Hub Helps During COVID-19

Urgent Hub prescreens patients for COVID-19 symptoms and determines if the patient’s need qualifies as urgent as outlined by state and federal directives. Depending on how the patient responds to the questions, they are directed to schedule an in-person clinical visit or a telehealth appointment.

Dentists have the ability to create a custom link that they can share with their current patient base, or to sign up to be part of the Urgent Hub network so they can attract new patients. It also has a teledentistry option for virtual appointments and an onboarding function for new patients.

This is functionality that can serve dentists and patients well long after the current pandemic.


Urgent Hub Makes Teledentistry Easy

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many of your current and potential patients want to explain their dental problems, express their safety concerns, and seek professional advice. With Greyfinch’s Telehealth solution, patients will be able to do some appointments from their own home and qualify for visits in your office. Seeing you--while speaking with you directly, creates a new level of trust than just a phone call. And this option allows you to compete with the 100%-remote-treatment competitors because your patients have a choice.


Urgent Hub Makes Onboarding New Patients Easy

Once a new patient has either scheduled through the appointment widget or scheduled through your practice they will be prompted to fill out all their medical information electronically. They will even be able to electronically sign any other forms you have. Greyfinch practice management has a medical tab in each patient’s chart so all the data they input is stored directly in that area without any interaction needed from your staff!


An Example of Urgent Hub Coming to the Rescue

One of Greyfinch’s practice management customers is a dental support organization with multiple practices in Arkansas named Rock Dental Brands. The DSO’s management team was talking to executives in Italy and other countries where COVID-19 had spiked to learn best practices for managing the crisis. One of the things they learned was that by closing down dental clinics, there was nowhere patients could go for their dental emergencies, so they were heading to the ER. 

Rock Dental identified which practices were near hospitals in Arkansas and decided to alleviate emergency room visits by letting the hospitals know they could send dental emergency patients to their clinics instead. The Rock Dental team created business cards with the Urgent Hub website link and dropped them off to local hospitals to hand out.


How to Sign Up for Urgent Hub

Dental practices can sign up to be on Urgent Hub’s website for $10 per month. We offer two types of memberships:

  • Urgent Hub Strategic Package: This subscription is designed for multi-location larger scale providers collaborating with state agencies and associations. Per recommendations these are being established on a limited basis, typically one Hub location per population of 250,000 people. We will connect you to the additional support needed while also coordinating with existing Hubs. The established providers furnish the additional requirements. These Hubs are strategically positioned close to major hospitals and see all patients regardless of their ability to pay. 
  • Standard Listing: A Standard Listing on Urgent Hub gives providers the tools they need to serve their existing patient-base.  The software allows patients to be pre-screened and scheduled through the platform. If you are a provider and open for urgent and emergent services, let your patients know you're still available to meet their urgent needs.

To sign up and learn more, visit Greyfinch.com/Urgent-Hub.

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More COVID-19 Resources for Dentists

There will be a huge need for dentistry once people can resume normal activities. More people than ever will have questions about safety, affordable treatment options, and what’s covered by their insurance plans post-COVID. 

Visit PatientPrism.com/Overview to find out how we can help your team convert more callers into booked appointments.

Patient Prism’s downloadable PDF guides to help dentists navigate COVID-19 include the following:

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