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Here you'll find hundreds of articles and video interviews with dental industry experts on the topics of DSO and practice growth, dental software, call-tracking technology, patient experience and artificial intelligence fueling the dental industries ability to treat more patients and change lives.

Half of all new dental patient opportunities are lost due to poor communication over the phone. We began development of the Patient Prism platform in 2015 to solve this huge conversion problem. Artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed us to build a call tracking and analysis system with call coaching and rapid alerts that economically and effectively solve this problem.


The Huge Disconnect in New Patient Conversion

After spending 20 years as a CPA serving over 500 dental practices, I started a marketing company in 2013 to help my clients. We applied the Simon Senik principles of how to communicate your why, with the philosophy that when patients believe they have called the right place and you are going to take care of them, they book appointments. And because these patients have found the dental practice that they know is right for them, they are not resistant to your fees. We soon realized that failure to engage new patients is many times not the marketing firm’s fault. It’s a failure to make an engaging connection with prospective patients when they call the practice. 

If you look at how many calls your marketing team brought to you for $2,000 or more a month, look at the number of missed calls, look at the number of calls that failed to appoint, and then examine all the broken pieces in your internal communication, you will find a huge disconnect between the external and internal communication. Patient Prism is the first dental software platform that has the right technology to fill the gap of that disconnect and quickly provides the feedback needed for training team members and preparing to make call backs to recapture those lost opportunities in under 30 minutes.

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Conversion Rates Matter

All businesses have gaps in client conversion. If your dental practice measures your rate of conversion from calls to appointments, rate of shows and no shows, and conversion rate from appointment to treatment acceptance, you are likely to find gaps. Patient prism analytics easily track these measures for you for real-time reporting for any period.  

A 5% improvement in your schedule rate, a 5% improvement in your show rate, and/or a 5% improvement in your case acceptance rate, will make a huge difference in your schedule and revenue. You don’t need to hit home runs all the time. Once you measure it, you can see the gaps, and develop your team and systems to fill the gaps … train your Front Desk … train your Clinical Team … modify your marketing messaging to attract the “right” high-value patients … improve the number of calls that are received by a live person, and so on.


Filling the Gap by Deploying Artificial Intelligence

Patient Prism was born out of the idea that we could figure out a way to help dental practices convert more on the phone by deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to listen to conversations and provide feedback so quickly that that dental office can reach out to that patient again and try to win them back by elevating the patient experience. 

At Patient Prism, we've analyzed what prevents a patient from moving forward … fear … cost … the need to be heard. The AI identifies up to 13 variables quickly. You could deploy an army of people to listen to phone calls, but no one has the time and by the time you did listen to them, the caller has already called someone else. And here you are spending your valuable dollars on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and so on.

We even measure empathy with AI, and how we do that is through the recognition of specific words and phrases. For example, if somebody is calling you in the morning and says, “I need an implant” or “I lost a tooth,” is the receptionist actively listening? Does the reception inquire about whether the caller is in pain? Does the receptionist care about the caller’s story of what happened? Does the receptionist indicate eagerness to help the patient get prompt attention? Does the receptionist assure the caller that there are financing options? 

The AI software relays calls to be examined by our live call coaches in Tampa, and then our human coaches add their feedback so when an alert goes out for a high value lost opportunity, the administrator or dentist receiving the call knows how to prepare for a call back to save that lost opportunity.


Learn More About Patient Prism

For more information about Patient Prism and to see a demonstration of its capabilities, click here. This Patient Prism blog and Patient Prism Academy provide videos featuring dental industry experts as they share their personal insights on how to grow your private dental practice, group practice, or DSO. We invite you to explore our learning resources here.


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