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August 2019--Dentsply Sirona is one of the world's leading dental organizations. At the 2019 Dykema DSO Conference, CEO Don Casey sat down with Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar to talk about how Dentsply works closely with dentists and the ease of using the Cerec Primescan Intraoral Camera.


The technology innovations we’ve been developing our due to our teams at Dentsply Sirona. We've got a great organization, and it is my pleasure every single day to get up and work with 16,000 people around the world with people who are focused on how to help dentists deliver better patient care. We observe how dentists are providing care and we constantly talk to dentists about the challenges of practice. Then we focus on providing them with technology and consumables that improve their care of patients by allowing them to be more efficient, be more accurate, and do new procedures. With renewed focus on innovation, we are excited about our new Primescan Intraoral Camera for digital scanning.

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Digital scanning is made easy.

We finally have scanners that are so easy to use that they will become a standardized piece of equipment. The dentist isn't going to have be the one that does the scanning. What used to be a time-consuming process for dentists has been eliminated. We finally have scanners that are so easy to use that they will become a standardized piece of equipment in a dentist's office.

We had the six-year-old teach an eight-year-old how to use our Primescan scanner. They were able to scan an upper and lower arch in under a minute. And what does that mean? That means any clinical team member can do the scanning. Suddenly, we're going to have every patient scanned. Not only will this tremendously increase efficiency through transfer of digital records to labs, orthodontists, and conferring doctors working on a treatment plan, but it increases accuracy over traditional impressions, and provides the opportunity for storing data over the lifetime of the patient to see the changes that are occurring.


Now dentists can benefit from:

  • Team members easily and accurately using the scanner.
  • Having a reason to go back in and converse with the patient. After a team member does the scan, the digital models on the computer screen become the visual confirmation of why treatment is recommended.
  • Accuracy and efficiency of digital impressions for better, faster patient care.
  • Accuracy and efficiency of digital impressions for better, faster interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Digital storage of patient impressions for longitudinal study of the patient.
  • Modeling software that simulates and guides treatment.


Digital scanning will soon be de facto in dental offices.

In the near future, nearly all dental practices will do digital scanning. Going digital with dental impressions has significantly increased the speed and accuracy with which dental labs create dental restorations, occlusal bite splints, and retainers. Patients want faster turnaround, and they are comfortable with digital scanning. They marvel at the computerized models. They also find it easier to accept treatment when they understand why visually. Once a patient has experienced, the no fuss, no mess of intraoral scanning, there is no going back. They want a dental practice that does this.


Innovative Training for Innovative New Technology

At Dentsply Sirona, we believe we have a responsibility to educate dentists on how to use the technologies we bring to market, demonstrate the benefits to be gained by implementing the new technologies, and to inspire them to try innovative procedures. So, we closely work with dentists, not only to show them what the digital scanner does and how to use it, but also discuss how it can transform their dental practice for the better.

People come in for training in our North Carolina training center and leave realizing it is not only the clinical training they will remember. They also will remember how to talk about digital scanning, the digital models the patient sees, and the value of the models. Dentists are delivering great patient care by improving their ability to articulate why they are scanning, what they observe, and how the scans will be used in their treatment planning and treatment.


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