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  • by: Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA, CSP
  • 9 min read

COVID-19 and Infection Control in Dentistry

COVID-19 and Infection Control in Dentistry

One of the biggest challenges for dental practices has been keeping up with all the rules and guidel...

Redefining Dental Leadership During COVID-19

Kristen Hadeed learned leadership lessons early in her entrepreneurial journey – and she learned the...

How to Address Dental Assistant Concerns During COVID-19

All across the country, dental team members are wondering how to perform dentistry during a pandemic...

Staying Safe in the Dental Practice: PPE and Infection Control

As COVID-19 cases continue to be reported across the country and around the globe, many dental team ...

COVID-19 Rapid Response Strategies for Dental Practices and DSOs

Smile Brands built its reputation with a strong people-first culture. When the coronavirus pandemic ...

Comeback Strategies for Dental Practices: Surviving a Recession

Dentists, get ready. There is about to be a massive pent-up demand for your services. But patients a...

100-Day Plan: Comeback Strategies for Dentists

It looks like dental practices will be part of the Phase 1 reopening of the economy, which is fantas...

Loans, Budgets and Comeback Strategies for Dentists

Dentists have learned a lot of acronyms in the past few weeks including PPP and EIDL. To help sort t...

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